One Year Ago

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One of my favourite things about blogging is being able to look back through my old posts (and other people’s!) to see what I was wearing and doing this time last year. It’s fascinating to put life 12 months ago parallel with life today, picking out the differences and similarities.

Here’s what I wore on Wednesday 5th May 2010. So not quite a year ago, but pretty close…

H&M chambray blouse, thrifted silk dress, TK Maxx shoes, gold name necklace, Primark ring

I still have (and wear) the blouse and necklace. The dress went to a new home via eBay, and I rescued the shoes from a holdall just last week. The hair is different, the glasses are different (more on that later this week) but I think my style is about the same, give or take some brighter colours and bolder prints.

If you’ve been blogging for a year or more, go back to your outfit from this time (or thereabouts) in 2010 and email me your photo or leave a link to the post below, along with any comments on how your style has changed over the last 12 months and a link to your blog. I’ll put them all together in a collage and post it here later in the week, so get your shots over to me by Wednesday evening if you can!


Michelle of The Feather Den

I’d love to be able to do this! Unfortunately, I’ve only been taking my blog seriously for the past few months. I’ll definitely look back on this day in a year’s time though.
It’s also pretty interesting to see how much your style has changed/developed, don’t you think?

x Michelle |


Wow! I think you’ve certainly changed a lot (: It’s lovely to be a bit of a nostalgic Nigel from time to time.

Rocketship In The Sky.

Your hair looks different! And the dress is lovely.
If I had been blogging for over a year, I would certainly do this, but I’ve only been blogging since March!


too bad i havent been blogging over a year! I just started 🙂 but this is def something to keep in mind to blog about a year from now haha 🙂 love your style then and now!


I love this idea, I’m yet to do an outfit post! I’m tempted to do one just so I can join in this game.

This time last year I was wearing long drapey linen trousers with long drapey tunic tops and battling the immense heat of an Indian summer. Hardly the most inspiring of fashion choices.

Liked the old hair – but LOVE the new!

Katy xx


you’ve so inspired me to wear the blue shirt i keep thinking i need to wear more…!

Annah xx


i have to say, it’s been really cool to follow your blog, jen, & watch you change! you’ve become so much more confidant & it’s nice to watch you growing into the life you’re after, with your house hunting, etc. you’re changing for the better, which is hard as you were never bad to begin with!

K xo

Rebecca @ Thrifty Chick

I just had a little peek back at my ramblings from a year ago – no outfit posts, but I did read something about my travel hopes for the future and the countries I want to see most – I’m actually going to one of them next week, having completely forgotten writing that list last May – what a difference a year makes! Thanks for giving me the idea 🙂


I plan to do this, I’m so awful when it comes to wearing thigns once and then leaving them in the back of a wardrobe that i bet i haven’t worn the same thing since!


Such a great idea. It’s remarkable to see how much has changed in a year. I’ve definitely become better dressed this last year.
You always look great. I love the skirt you’re wearing.


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