Sharp shooter

Posted in Daily Outfits.

Zara dress, Primark blazer, Primark belt, M&S tights, ASOS pixie boots

I really love this outfit. The dress is a classic wardrobe piece that I wear time and time again. Starting this blog has made me really think about what I’m putting on every morning – I don’t have a HUUUUUUGE collection of clothing, which means I often wear the same things again and again. The trick is learning how to make each outfit look fresh and new. Coloured tights have been my saviour, I’m building up a mighty fine collection that I can mix and match with different dresses.
This blazer was a summer purchase. It’s a fab, slouchy jersey material but has the tendency to swamp me and look a little… saggy. By belting it like this, I got a nice, sharp shape that looks pretty modern. And it makes my lovely floral dress look brand spanking new. Outfit win!

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