Project Take 10 Challenge 15 – QVC

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I’ve been quite open and honest about my borderline obsession with rings. I think they finish off an outfit perfectly, and I’m rarely seen without a bit of bling on my finger (although it’s more likely to be a stag’s head than a diamond). So when QVC asked us Take 10 girls to style up a Butler and Wilson ring for our next challenge, I was all for it. Hooray for pretty, sparkly things!

Thing is, a ring is usually the last thing I add, not the first. And when it came to styling an entire outfit around one, I was a bit stumped. So I did what any girl would do when faced with a sartorial head-scratcher – I went for leather and leopard print.

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H&M cardigan, vintage shorts, boots c/o Sarenza, belt c/o Next, Michael Kors watch, Butler and Wilson Crystal Wrap Ring

I’m dressed as a Rovers Return barmaid. Clearly I didn’t listen to my own advice. But how did the other girls get on?

Me, Ellie, Harriet, Vicki, Susie, Sherin, Sabine, MJ, Paula, Sarah



Ooh that ring is a bit blingtastic isn’t it?! They’re all fab – so fun.

You’ve got such a great eye for colour Jen. Love all the tones in this look.


Hehe, once again Jen successfully tames the leather shorts with an excellent look! I think I would be quite stumped at having to style an outfit around a ring too. x


You sort of are, and yet you look pretty classy. It’s the tights, and your cardi being tucked in.

Love the ring. I have a secret softspot for Butler & Wilson.


I really love your outfit!

The colours of the ring are compliemtned so well by the black and leopard print – you look awesome!


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