What to Wear in Morocco – Cox & Kings Holiday Wardrobe Challenge

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The Cox & Kings Holiday Wardrobe Challenge finishes tomorrow and I’ve finally got my Pinterest board together. If you read my first post about the challenge, you’ll know I was invited to create a board based on my suitcase essentials for a holiday in Morocco. I gathered my inspiration, looked at countless images of Morocco’s breathtaking scenery, and came up with this.

what to wear in morocco

These are a few of my favourite pins from the board. The beautiful orange maxi dress is perfect for luxury holidays – the sumptuous, flowing fabric and bright, bold print give it a luxe feel, but it also offers more coverage for a modest, religious country. I’d team it with a pair of these retro Wayfarer sunglasses. I love the rusty orange colour but black’s so classic and the patterned ones are adorable… I just can’t choose so will take them all!

Many images of Morocco feature cool blues and turquoises mixed with rich oranges and deep reds. I searched for an item that combined these colours in a single piece and found this stunning Missoni scarf – silk scarves make great holiday accessories as they can be worn a multitude of ways (around your neck, in your hair, on your wrist, on your handbag strap…) and this one has all the colour of Morocco wrapped up in one piece. Gorgeous.

With nine items on my board, I started searching for something that combined the practical and the pretty – Morocco is rich with stylish influence but it’s also a religious country. Team that with very high temperatures and your daily outfit will probably be more about keeping cool and covered than ticking off the trends. These black chiffon culottes are light and airy enough to keep the heat at bay and the long length mean legs are out of sight. Culottes are also a key shape for SS12 and this classic black pair will work with anything, from a simple white tee to a loose printed blouse. They’re the 10th pin on my board and now on my real-life wishlist too (from Zara, if you’re interested!).

So that’s my Moroccan Holiday Wardrobe – a mix of floaty basics, leather accessories and pops of colour. The other bloggers involved in this challenge have created some amazing boards, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the decision next week. And while I wait for the results, I’ll be idly searching through Cox & Kings’ tailor made holidays and dreaming of my next (imaginary) destination… India, maybe? Or how about Brazil?

What do you think of my Moroccan Holiday Wardrobe? Anything you’d add?

Hey! This post is part of a competition entry. I haven’t been paid to post it, but I might get a holiday out of it. Plus, some of the links are tracked. Just FYI!


Samantha Manzella

I think you made some great style choices! I love how you put a bit of research into it and included bits of Moroccan culture…so great! I’d wear that maxi dress every day of summer, too…it looks so breezy and luxurious. Lovely post!

<3 Samantha


Hm. Having been to Morocco I’d suggest a great big blanket with a hood over your head. That’s what most women seem to wear.

Don’t forget to scuttle round with your head down either.

Honestly, the hostility and contempt I felt there from men was something I never wish to experience again. No way would I go back.

Sorry to be a party-pooper but seriously – if you do go to Morocco cover up. Don’t go sleeveless or with a low neck. Preferably cover your head.


Love the colour of the orange dress contrasted with the blue. Definitely reminds me of all the spices and materials sold in the souk!

Unfortunately I have to agree with jaljen, if you are actually going to Morocco (and it is an amazing place), cover your shoulders and legs and don’t wear anything low cut or tight unless you want to be constantly harassed and grabbed by men. Also a good idea to tie your hair up. (You’ll get less hassle if you’re travelling with a man).

Only exception is in the modern part of cities such as Marrakesh where they have Zara, Accessorize, etc. However be prepared to have your bag scanned and a possible pat down entering these stores. Many Moroccans don’t believe women should wear clothes like this so they all have major security.


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