Rules of Proportion

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F+F Couture top, Topshop jeans, Primark brogues and lace collar, Miss Selfridge ring, Models Own polish in Fuzzy Peach

I’ll be damned if I’m writing a post about ‘making proportion work for you’ (curvy ladies, emphasis a narrow waist with a cinched-in belt! Slender girls, add curves with ruffles! Seriously, why aren’t the glossies hammering down my door? I could write this stuff in my sleep) but I will say one thing – this sharp-shouldered blouse sure does make my hips look less child-bearing. And for that I’m thankful.

Do you have an item in your wardrobe that makes you feel seriously slinky?


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]

heh, glossies are written by computer. Soon it will be time for the ‘Leap into Spring’ features, followed in Summer by ‘Nautical but Nice’.

Outfit looks good on you. I like my DVF (one and only) wrap dress with 3/4 length sleeves. Hides my upper arms and gives serious cleavage. Tis my slink dress.

Diary of a Tinyholder

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your hips Jen – I think they are perfectly in proportion. I wasn’t sure about this outfit to start with, but it’s growing on me every time I look at it. I love the lace collar.


Heehee, sorry I had to laugh when I read “child bearing” hips. This isn’t true at all, you look great in that outfit, it’s very flattering!


That top is fab – shape, colour, fabric, everything just works. Longer tops over skinnies make me feel good – anything that covers my bum is ok by me! xx

A Certain Vintage

anything that narrows the hips are a plus, I wear so many skirts and dresses I get so paranoid about the size of my hips when I bring the jeans out for spring again!
Love the primark lace collar so much!


jen please tell me you gout that lace collar from primark recently!! it is frickin awesome!!!! i have to have one! ps the shoulder pads look fabulous on u! 🙂 x


puff sleeves are ace for this too! I have a lovely tulip shaped dress that I would never usually like because it makes my hips look bigger but it also has puffed sleeves so it evens itself out. win win.

Madame G

I love that top on you! You’ve posted about it before, haven’t you?
I’m classic pear shape and puffy sleeves are a god-send for me!


Man this is such a great outfit- shoulder pads always make me feel super powerful…weird but true.
Bought a velly naaaice sheer dress for my bday which definitely makes me feel good, so can’t wait to wear that!



Love this top with the jeans, you are right about it changes your proportions.
I am beginning to love belts, and you know what people have commented asking if I’ve lost, so I know its working as I definitely haven’t lost weight.


Elizabeth @rosalilium

I have a protruding collarbone so no matter how fatty my belly and hips are if I draw attention to them I can give the illusion that I am slim – so strapless or slash necked works well for me.


Child bearing hips? Pfft! You’ve got a cracking figure Jen! I really like those jeans on you too – the shape looks great.


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