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Max C striped tee, Primark long sleeved tee, ASOS skirt, Primark belt, Zara shoes, Primark and Mango rings, Barry M polish in Mint Green

When I was a little girl, I was walking down the street with my mum. Cars were queuing at the traffic lights as we walked, and when we came alongside a shiny red convertible (it was the early 90s, after all), I peeked in and saw a lady at the wheel. She wore a skirt suit, her highlighted hair fanned out over her shoulders. She had dark glasses on, and a briefcase sat next to her on the passenger seat. She had long, manicured nails painted pillarbox red that she drummed impatiently on the steering wheel, and her lips matched them perfectly.

I’ve held on to the image of that woman ever since. It’s still so vivid to me, I can conjure it in a second. And every time I put on lipstick (which admittedly, is not often) I’m reminded of her, so poised and professional.

Today’s look is far removed from hers – the epitome of 90s affluence and flamboyancy – but there’s something about a slick of lipstick that pulls everything else together.

I’m wearing Topshop’s Brighton Rock – what’s your lipstick of choice?



A little lippy definitely goes a long way! My fave is boots natural collection in crimson 🙂

Lovely skirt – wish i could get away with midi lengths!



my lipstick of choice? boots natural collection in hazelnut and some random £1.50 ones my grandma buys in a little shop near her house 🙂

the shade of lipstick suits you so well, love your blusher too! they both go so perfectly with your skirt!



Long-time lurker and first time commenter – hello, just wanted to say how much the red lippy suits you! I always wear bold lips, it’s kind of my trademark – Chanel’s Rouge Coco in either Gabrielle or Cambon are my current faves.


Lippy is a great mood booster isn’t it? I always feel extra special when I put it on! I am loving my Eyeko lip pen at the moment, but your shade is beautiful. I still haven’t tried any topshop makeup yet, I must do so!


Gorgeous lip colour.
I’m loving 17’s Hot Chili at the moment – feels so bright and spring-like. Even if the weather isn’t quite spring-like yet! x


My favourite lipsticks right now are MAC Everhip & Chanel Peregrina – peachy corals! I wish I could wear red, but I lack red-lip balls!

I love the colour of your skirt 🙂

Pearl Westwood

What a lovely storey, isnt it funny the things we remember! My fav cherry red lippy is Fire from Chanel I also have the nail polish to match, love that look x


Loving this whole look, especially the lippie!
I love Bourjous’s Sweet Kiss lipstick in Rouge Intemporal, a gorge deep red 🙂
Charlotte xxx


I have been lusting over that lipstick for an age and keep debating on weather I should buy it! Seeing how fab it looks on you, makes me want to take the plunge! It is such a gorgeous colour!


Lipstick is so classic and often a time makes a look. The story about the woman in the car, I wonder where she is now xx


I always forget to put lipstick on until I’ve arrived at work or wherever haha. But my favourite and one I’ve re-purchased twice is Angel from Mac.


I never wear lippie because I’m unsure of what colour will suit my skin tone etc. I really should ask…

Love the new layout by the way!

Lou x –


I love lipstick so so much! My favourite everyday one is one I got as a freebie from clinique. Evening wise I like audace rouge allure by chanel or brickola by mac. Oh and brave by mac is also a nice everyday one! I am a bit of a lipstick junkie as I hate eyeshadow and stuff.


I have Topshop’s Brighton Rock and love it. My ultimate go-to lipstick is MAC Viva Glam Cyndi though. Its perfect for me!


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