Sunday Smile #1

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I want Sunday Smiles to become a regular feature on A Little Bird, starting right here, on Sunday 21st March.

It’s pretty self explanatory – a Sunday Smile is anything that makes me smile (duh) on a Sunday (duh again!). It could be anything, from something pretty I picked up in a charity shop to some spectacular baking or a scene from the great outdoors. It won’t be fashion-focused, unless I snag a Mulberry bag at a car boot… a regular daydream of mine! It’s my chance to talk about the other things in life that make me happy. And we’ll start with…


Photobucket Photobucket
British Daffodils, sitting atop my fab new chair

Now, as pretty as the Daffs are, just look at the chair! I picked this cute little thing up from Ikea last weekend and put it together all by myself (after much frustrated whining and throwing of screwdrivers). It’s a child’s chair, cost £5.99 and fits perfectly into my shabby chic bedroom. Flat surfaces are in short supply here at our flat, so this chair has become a shelf for all manner of objects. When the Daffs are gone, I’ll be replacing them with this…



Thrifted teapot and teacup set, £1.69
I think I have a slight obsession with floral china. Funny thing is, I don’t drink tea or coffee! I picked this little beauty up at my favourite charity shop and with eyes like saucers, took it to the till and then whisked it home. It’s currently sitting in the kitchen, patiently waiting for its time on the chair.
What or who is making you smile this Sunday? Tell all in the comments below – I’d love to know! Oh, and don’t forget to enter my giveaway.


Amy Marie

That chair is ever so cute! I wish we had a shabby chic bedroom. I adore IKEA, we need to go soon but whenever we do we spend a small fortune. That tea pot is adorable too, I don’t like tea or coffee either SNAP but I own a floral teapot that I got as a birthday gift for my Alice in Wonderland party.

What makes me happy is the boy making me a bacon sandwich in bed, he NEVER cooks for me so that REALLY made me smile (even though I did have to nag him oops!)

Love Amy Marie.

Anna Jane

wow, there I was expecting that chair to be fabulously expensive and it was only £5.99?!?! I think I need to visit Ikea more often! Love the fresh look of the daffodils… what a lovely addition to a room 🙂
Love this post!

– Anna Jane x

Em x

What a lovely idea for a post. I love the chair( and the daffs). The thing thats made me smile today is my dogs somehow managing to get upstairs this morning and all three bursting into my room and waking me up in a mass of waggy tails and wet noses. xx


Love the teapot and cup jen, very pretty.

Today I’m smiling because the sun is out, I’ve been to a carboot and nabbed some bargains, and mum has shortened two jumble sale skirts for me 🙂


Hi Jen! Nice to “meet” you 🙂

Beautiful flowers and teaset!

What’s making me smile this Sunday? Well, I just finished my first draft of my very last piece of coursework, so I am off to enjoy the sunny day, spend time with friends and family, and watch a movie tonight! So: free time is making me smile! 🙂


Aren’t daffodils just wonderful? So cheerful and beautiful and springlike.

Oh and I love teapot and cup sets! Jealous of your fabulous find.

Not feeling particularly smiley right now as I’m in the midst of football related gloom but I’m sure it’ll lift by this evening.


Daffs always make me smile. As Alex says they are just so cheerful.

Today being out with my mam and dad has made me smile. It’s a very rare occurance that we are all together. x

Vintage Vixen

Well done on mastering the art of the flat pack! Those things strike terror into my heart.
Beautiful daffs and yet more pretty china. You’ve got a right “bottom drawer” going on there, wedding bells soon?
PS What’s making me smile? The effects of two bottles of Kopparburg cider earlier!


I love Daffodils, the ones in my garden have just bloomed, and they definitely mean spring is here to me. The chair and the teapot are too cute, sometimes I wonder why anyone buys anything new at all!


What lovely daffodils 🙂 Im looking forward to your future sunday smile posts! This sunday Im smiling about the fact that its sunday and I get to chill out most of the day. (shh, dont remind me that tomorow is monday…) xx


Oh I love the little chair, the daffodils and the teapot! I love that the theme colour is white, I’ll definitely decorate my future house in white, that’s always been my dream:)

A day out with my sis and bro made my Sunday!



Lovely! Daffodils are my mothers favorite flower. This reminds me that I need to buy her some now that it’s (sort of) finally spring.

Cherry Pullinger

I would prefer the contents of the tea point if I’m completely honest!! Daffodils are definitely worth a smile, great idea for a weekly feature. 🙂

Audrey Allure

Love it all 🙂 The flowers are so pretty, and I adore the tea set. I don’t drink tea either but I have a little tea cup for display haha.


Oh I do love the way small touches can make such a difference in a room.

I haven’t been out the house for weeks due to baby being sick, but ventured out on Sunday and the purple crocuses on the embankments looked so lovely and brought a smile to my face. Feels like spring is definitely on it’s way now – finally!.


Finally, finally the beautiful daffodils are coming out! That makes me happy, plus lying in on Sunday, having time to take photos, lots of coffee… Honestly Jen, what do you drink if you don’t drink tea or coffee? How about drinking herbal tea in your growing collection of china?


Bright yellow flowers are my fave so I love those daffodils! Floral china is always fun – though I’m more one to appreciate it than buy it for myself!


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