The £6 Zara Heels

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Over the years I’ve slowly moved away from bargain hunting – these days I have more cash but less time, which means I’m more likely to nip in to my favourite shops and pick out the pieces I like rather than spend hours trawling the sales rails for those elusive reductions.

But bargain hunting is ingrained in me and I still love the thrill of finding something pretty for a great price. Enter the £6 Zara heels…

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Hi Travis!

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Dress, Zara | Vest, Topshop | Heels, Zara | Belt, Target | Bracelet, c/o Eclectic Eccentricity | Ring, H&M

Six pounds! For these! I wore them with a Zara dress – another sale bargain at £12.99 – and a Topshop khaki vest which I cannot get enough of (sadly that was NOT cheap at £30). They’re rather high – definitely taxi-and-dinner rather than drinks-and-dancing shoes – but the leather is butter soft and I love the cute rounded toes.

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The heels were reduced from their original price of £40 and finding them has kickstarted my hunting instinct. Over the last few months I’ve become a bit disillusioned with charity shops (something I wrote about here) but this week I’m getting back into my thrifty ways, thinking about the price and looking for those brilliant bargains.

Have you found any bargains lately? On the high street or second hand?

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Travis was very interested in today’s shoot!



Wow £6?! That’s an amazing mark down! I hate, hate, hate sales – there’s always too many people, a lot of tat and never anything in my size. But shoes for £6 may have inspired me to hit the sales once more… Xo


Lovely shoes. I tend to favour sky-high, bright heels when buying shoes, but definitely need to branch out into more muted territory like these! x


I bargain-hunt online but it’s hard with my ethical buying policy (nothing made in China).

Sad to hear you’ve become disillusioned with charity shops. I am loving USED items on ebay.


Love them! I too am a huge fan of bargain hunting, I would now say that around two thirds of what I wear is found in charity shops. On Saturday I found an amazing dress from ‘Whistles’ at …4.99! Amazing!


Love Travis peeking in! Bless him.
Your waist looks teeny tiny, love the belt with the vest and dress (damn Topshop and their pricey ways)
I love the sandals but those style tend to freak my out as I worry about my long toes escaping out the side! 😉


Awesome markdown for lovely shoes! I’m all about the thrifting and sale spying at the moment as I’m short on cash! x


I’m not finding clothes or bags in charity shops anymore but there are plenty of books. I’m finding more bargains on ebay but those are still rare. Love your shoes x


I prefer bargains in the shops too lately – even better if it’s something you’ve been eyeing up full price and then manage to catch it reduced!


Those shoes are beautiful 🙂 congratulations on your find!

I bought a top from DP yesterday for £6 reduced from £30 – it’s a classic striped tunic top that nips in at the waist so it’s flattering and I’ll be able to wear it for years. The fabric feels lovely too. I find sales are usually full of rubbish items but every now and then you find something that you know you’ll wear all the time for a bargain price and that’s when bargain hunting is worth the effort!



Travis looks EXACTLY like my cat Marty!

Those are gorgeous shoes, when I saw the title I thought, uh-oh, £6 shoes are going to be horrible, but wow. Great bargain!


£6 for Zara heels is out of this world, such a fabulous bargain!
The best on I’ve had have been £50 TopShop heels for around £13, but yours definitely beat mine lol xoxo


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