The day after grey

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Thrifted skirt, Primark cardigan and tee, H&M tights, Dune shoes, thrifted straw tote, DP belt, Accessorize necklace

It’s not often that the weather reflects the calendar. Well – not in England, anyway. We get sleet in May, blazing sunshine in November and it never snows on Christmas Day. So imagine my surprise when I pulled back the curtains on the first day of spring (today, fact fans) and saw a decidedly spring-like morning! Sunshine! Blue sky! Chirruping birds and leaping lambs! (Maybe not the lambs… I live in an apartment block, not on the set of Emmerdale.) I felt more upbeat instantly, and decided today would be the perfect day to debut my fab new old charity shop bargains.

This skirt was originally from Topshop – the label read £40. Once upon a time, I wouldn’t have even flinched at such a price. My credit card was my friend and that little plastic pal was my ticket to fancy skirts such as this. Now I’ve learnt the error of my ways, I’ll allow myself a smug smile at the price I paid for it – £3.99. It’s my little ray of sunshine, perfect for spring style. I can’t wait to wear it with bare legs and leather gladiator sandals in the summer, either.

Did you reach for something stylishly springy this morning? Or are you clinging on to winter wools? I’d love to know!

PS – The straw tote is my other charity shop bargain at £2.99. Hubba hubba.


Cafe Fashionista

Even if spring weren’t written in the blue sky outside, it is most certainly prevalent in your ensemble today. That skirt instantly makes me think of warm spring and summer days and picking flowers in a quiet field. You look magnificent, Jen!

It’s fairly warm here where I am, as well. Though I’m sick so I haven’t yet gotten dressed. I imagine I’m going to collapse back into bed anytime now. Enjoy the spring weather for me, darling!! 🙂


I was entirely dressed in grey and black today but I did get rather giddy when shopping and bought loads of lovely spring like dresses, hurrah!

The bag is tremendous – so glad it featured in an outfit so soon!


Gorgeous skirt, so bright and fresh – it was amazingly sunny here too, but there was still frost lying and it was thoroughly cold! No such springtime outfits to be had, unfortunately.


Jen, so nice to see you’re back in full blogging swing and already wearing/holding your cleverly thrifted items. Great outfit and the bag is really special! (I went for boyfriend jeans and jeans shirt today – I’ve totally fallen for the ‘all jeans’ look).

Polished Sense

Hi Jen!

You look so good:) I love the new blog design too! I’m doing this from my phone so I hope you get this, loving your outfit today. (and I’ll be back to comment on other post…haaah-em’ the shoes look lovely on you) fab job and I’ll ttys 🙂




What a difference a couple of hundred miles makes! Down here in the south west it was foggy and freezing cold this morning. So I’m dressed in a grey rollneck jumper, tights and a wool dress.

I like the colour of the skirt. Is it yellow or mustardy yellow/green? I gots to gets me some yellow for my spring wardrobe. I also want a few things in bright bright blue.

The Owl Diary

this outfit is perfect for spring & the yellow is just oh so pretty. this morning i clung to a light sweater since the weather is warming up here a bit as well. i can’t believe springtime has come so soon.


I wish I had room for such creativity. My new job seems dead smart – today I wore black pumps, black trousers and a stripy shirt. Seriously no fashion breaking look there! Grr. Maybe in time I can be more stylish there 🙂 x


That’s the straw bag you purchased a couple of days ago… it’s beautiful and it really goes well with your outfit. Love the yellow skirt… you are such a breath of fresh air in that ensemble. xoxo


Oh wow, what a bargain! The skirt is like a burst of sunshine on you! Yellow makes everything bright and cheery! So glad that the weather is co-operative too:)



what a bargain! it’s so satisfying when you know howmuch things cost full price too. my mum once got a per una cardigan from a charity shop, still had the tags on and everything! said it was £40, she got it for a fiver!

Audrey Allure

Unfortunately I’m still clinging onto my winter wear haha. It’s still cold over here 🙁 But amazing skirt, I love the color 🙂


That skirt is beautiful, a real bargain & a real find at that price 🙂
I’m still wearing scarves atm! But hoping soon I will be able to move into a spring wardrobe!


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