The Gossip Girl Style Challenge – Serena take two

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Primark dress, thrifted blazer, Primark socks, New Look wedges, Accessorize clutch, thrifted bangles and ring

More S, I hear you cry? Yes indeed! Simply because this dress has been sitting in my wardrobe for weeks, waiting for its debut, and I think it’s exactly WSWW (What Serena Would Wear). Don’t you?

It’s very windy here in Yorkshire today, so for safety and modesty reasons I changed into tights and flats after these photos. Never fear, dear followers!

Yesterday I bought the blogging issue of Company Magazine, which is a must-read for any female blogger. It had the most interesting, inspiring articles about women who have made blogging their business, turning their hobbies into careers and leading the way for others to do the same. It really made me feel PROUD to part of this community of ambitious, forward-thinking girls and guys. My blog started as an outlet for my writing, but it’s become more than that – it’s a huge part of my life and I’ve met some fantastic people because of it.

At the moment, I’m writing another Lazy Girl’s Guide, this time it’s about blogging. I get lots of emails asking me about my blog and how I got it off the ground, so I hope it’ll be useful to anyone just starting out. I also want to share my love of diarising my life – something I’ve been doing since the age of 7. Exciting stuff!

How do you feel about your own blog? Does it fill you with pride, cheer you up or boost your confidence? Do you have any plans to make a career out of it, or is it just for fun? I’d love to know!



Cafe Fashionista

I adore you for doing a Serena Part 2 – I think her style is most similar to mine and you totally channel Serena in this look…love, love!

Can’t wait for your new Lazy Girl’s Guide! I think of my blog as my baby, plain and simple. I am so proud of it, and each comment I receive puts such an enormous grin on my face! I really feel that, without blogging, I would be incomplete. 🙂


Another primark gem! i really do envy your ability to find such lovelies! I love my blog so much, I never thought so many people would ever want to read my ramblings! xo


Eek, I love the knee socks and wedges look so much it hurts a little. Definitely my favourite look of the week so far.

I’m really interested to see what you’ll write about diaries & blogging. Might see if I can pick up a copy of Company (or just speed read it at the supermarket!) My blog is just for fun and to help record the weight loss/new style path I’m going down. It’s genuinely lovely to read positive comments about it though, makes me feel all happy and warm inside 🙂


The stripey dress is so cute! I love the first picture where the sunlight is reflecting off of it. I bought the blogging issue of Company too – really enjoyed reading it and there are so many inspiring stories in there. Now that I’ve started blogging I couldn’t imagine my life without doing it – I only regret not starting up a blog sooner! Looking forward to reading your next installment of the Lazy Girl’s Guide 🙂 x


This is EXACTLY what Serena would wear, Jen! Great choice!
I really don’t know where my blog will go; I just love doing it now – taking the pictures, communicating with others… Like Erika says, it’s like one’s creative baby and it certainly opened a whole new world to me.

Em x

Love the outfit, stripes are always good. I’m loving the socks too. I might see if i can grab Company this month, i have a quiet weekend due to lack of funds so it will give me something to read xx

The Fashion Teller

U look beautiful! I adore the knee-high socks-I want some!
I love your blog, one of the first I followed sweetie and can’t wait to hear more about your life and blog and maybe learna thing or two for mine 🙂


The dress looks so good- and yet again Primark! I must visit this store blindfolded I swear I never see such cute things

I love writing, and it always has a way of coming back to me. I used to write tons of journals when I was a teenager, now I see my blog as my journal. I know it will always be here for me to visit whenever I feel.

Looking forward to the Lazy Girls Guide 🙂

E is for Eleanor

Perfect outfit! Your hair is looking lovely too.

I think this is such an interesting subject.

I love my blog, and it excites me to think that it can get better if I put in lots of effort and care.

I would love use my blog as the first stepping stone to finding my perfect career and sharing it with everyone just makes it 1000x fun.


another stunning look but I expect nothing less these days 😉

I’m new to blogging my outfits, I’m not very good at writing the blog content, but posting my outfits has both given me confidence and also encouraged me to wear the clothes I own instead of just looking at them in the wardrobe!


Such a cool dress, and I’m loving the wedges with knee high socks. I’m not sure I’m quite confident enough to try it myself but it’s such a good look on you and your great legs.
Vicki xx

Senorita Fashionista

I absolutely adore the dress and blazer. You nailed the Serena look!
Blogging has become a huge part of my life and the blogs I read are so inspirational to the way I dress to what I am thinking! I never thought that would happen but thrilled it did!
xoxo Jolie


you’;re so very welcome!!you deserve it and im really loving all these outfits that you’re doing, you’re really inspiring as a blogger 🙂
as for my blog, i love it, its a place for me to share things with my readers, and they’re just some of the most amazing people you could meet..even if they’re across the globe 🙂
have a gorgeous weekend dear!*


Vintage Vixen

Blimey Luv, bet your thighs were chilly in that get up! Still loving wednesday’s outfit the best. I reckon you should be an ambassador for jeans wearers, a savvy denim manufacturer should snap you up as a model.
Can’t wait for your take on blogging. I do it for fun as I love sharing tales of my bizarre finds with all and sundry. I never imagined for an instant that anyone would be remotely interested and I’m truly humbled that anyone bothers to comment.
Have a truly fabulous weekend, lovely girl.

Pea Green Kitty

Hi there Cheese Feind!
Thanks for the comment on my post yesterday…you may borrrow the Cath Kidston mug idea, as long as you give it back! ha!
I do like your style by the way, i too like to mix it up a little


Ah you look FABULOUS. This look really suits you! I love your blog, I’m so happy I stumbled upon it! You’ve really made it amazing 🙂

I think I do my blog pretty much just for fun; I would love to devote more time to it but I’m easily distracted. I don’t post often enough! I’d love to hear your tips 🙂


Think this is my favourite outfit of the lot!

I’m proud when I think about my blog. I’ve been blogging on/off for years and its really brought me a long way. I’m proud of the friends I’ve made and the opportunities it has brought me.

I love that issue of Company – bought it the other day and I’m so inspired!


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