The Pussybow Blouse

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Primark horseshoe print blouse, Next cardigan, Topshop jeans, Zara sandals, Topshop ring, Nails Inc polish in Duchess Street

Surprisingly (or not, if your life is even marginally more exciting than mine), this is a 30 for 30 first appearance for my horseshoe-print pussybow blouse. IKR*?!

I really, really loved wearing this outfit. Posting photos of my (often dubious) fashion choices every day sometimes sends me a little crazy (see – yesterday’s leather trousers) in my quest to keep things interesting. Wearing jeans and a cardigan may not be particularly groundbreaking, but it feels damn good. And I wore socks with my sandals, y’know, just to keep things interesting.

What do you wear when you want to feel comfortable and confident, rather than fashionably forward?

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*IKR – I Know, Right. I spend 8 hours a day writing for 13-18 year olds – give me a break!



I’m the same. I’ve been quite unwell the last few days and not in the mood for making an effort. So I’ve been in my uniform – jeans top and cardigan. Its easy for me and I feel comfy.

I really like the blouse. I love print blouses at the moment. Not too sure about the sock & sandals combo. But each to their own 🙂

Katie Khan

I love the sock and sandal combo! And those jeans are a fab colour. I need more dark blue jeans in my life – mine are all faded and ripped at the knee.


Love the blouse- I have a gorgeous polka dot one from Poppy Valentine. For me, my dresses are my comfy choices! Sounds unbelievable but it’s true- my Cath Kidston Harriet dress is one of my faces, it’s stretch jersey so just as comfy as jeans but us only one piece so very easy to throw on in the morning. It wasn’t always thus way- I started wearing dresses to promote Redressing but actually do find them easier to wear everyday!
Keep up the good work on the 30/30 challenge!


I love the blouse with that cardigan, the colours are gorgeous 🙂 I always wear dresses with cute little cardigans when I want to be comfy, usually in a bright colour as I don’t actually own any jeans! 🙂

Maria xxx

Em x

I love this outfit. That blouse is so cute and the cardi is such a gorgeous colour on you.
Hope the move goes well, we moved 4 weeks ago so i feel your pain x


Love this outfit 🙂 I have the blouse and you’ve really inspired me to wear it with a green cardigan next time, the colours look amazing together!

Stacey xx


You mentioned ‘child-bearing hips’ in a previous post, no sign of ’em here(very flattering outfit:)!



That outfit is gorgeous, love the colour of the cardi – you don’t tend to see clothes that colour. Plus the blouse is lush.


I don’t mind socks with sandals but they have to be stripy or dotty. Love the blouse.


Firstly, I love the lip colour you’re wearing. It looks really beautiful.

I love the horseshoe blouse as well. I definitely need a few pussybow tops.


Jeans and a jumper every time. If I’m feeling really in need of comfort and I don’t have any meetings at work, it’s jeans and my giant red hoody. If it’s confidence I need then it’s all about the shoes really.

You should wear green more – that cardi is a gorgeous shade on you.


i love the blouse and the colour of the cardi, a lovely outfit 🙂
not really a jeans girl, but i do have certain ‘fall-back’ outfits which i turn to in times of un-inpiration!


Well i’ve had to come to uni to use the library and i’m wearing jeans, a white vest, a checked shirt and a pair of loafers. I don’t look fashion forward but i do feel mega comfy 🙂
You look very lovely today. Is that the Brighton Rock lipstick you’re wearing? Very tempted to try that myself x

Lucy Nation

I’m a recent follower of your blog. I must admit I have major cardigan envy here. The colour and style is perfect. The pussybow blouse works so well with a v neck cardigan – one to remember 🙂

fritha louise

You look lovely. Comfortable AND fashionable. I’d far rather see someone wearing something they obviously feel good in than a ridiculously fashion forward outfit if they look really uncomfortable in it (physically and/or mentally.)
I love that blouse, I’m so jealous of people who have it, I think it was on sale when I was in France so I couldn’t get my hands on it 🙁 I want to steal your ring too!


When I’m sticking to comfortable I wear a pair of harem jeans I have from Zara which are the baggiest badboys ever. Either them or just plain old leggings with an oversize tee and cardi and my nxike high tops. X


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