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Trousers, Zara | Tee, American Apparel | Blazer, New Look | Bag, c/o Brit-Stitch | Flats, c/o Bertie | Necklace, Zara

Y’know when life happens? When you realise you’ve been paying your gas bill based solely on estimated readings because you always forget to check and submit the real ones? When you haven’t watched TV for weeks, even though 999: What’s Your Emergency is back on and you love it? When wearing more than jeans and a jumper seems like a total waste of precious, precious time that could be spent replying to emails or talking about mortgages or chasing the printers about the wedding invites AGAIN?

Yes. Life happened.

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I’ve been away from the blog for two weeks and nothing monumental has really happened. I went to see Beyoncé (amazing, was almost sick from screaming), I took on a few new clients (including Brit-Stitch, who sent me lots of lovely bags to photograph) and I bought these awesome trousers from Zara (plus a hot pink pair which are quite spectacular).

I’ve been toiling away in the background, not achieving huge results quite yet but slowly getting there. Turns out, buying a house, planning a wedding and running a business all at once is quite tricky and takes some serious time-management skills… but don’t worry. I got it. *diva stance*

Back soon. x


Charlotte @ coloursandcarousels

That bag is such a beautiful colour, love the turquoise details in this outfit! I’m currently two months in to my six month summer holidays before starting university late September – I’d like to say I’ve been productive but I doubt watching years worth of House could be counted as productive… x

Charlotte / coloursandcarousels


I really love your bag! I have one similar to the Cambridge Satchel Company bags in neon pink 🙂 I think bright bags are amazing for spring and summer. I love your outfit, you look amazing!

Great post!



That’s the worst, when you realise you’ve been absent for a while…yet you’ve got nothing massive to show for it. I can imagine juggling those three things is tough, I hope it all goes well! x


Ooh, glad you’ve started working with Brit-stitch, we’ve started stocking them which I’m excited about, gthey are lovely and deserve the recognition!


We’re just starting to save for a deposit for a house. Just organising what money goes into what account and setting up that first savings account is a huuuge step. But I know nothing’s going to take shape any time soon 🙁

Ima going to have to get me some of those trousers!



great outfit. i love the turquoise. love your blog, it would be a pleasure if we could follow each other.



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