What’s in the bag?

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My mother always tells me off for carting half my life around in my handbag. “It’s bad for the posture”, she would say. She’s probably right, but how could a girl survive without these absolute essentials lurking beneath the leather?

From L-R: Wool gloves, Benefit lip gloss, Burt’s Bees lip balm, BlackBerry, notebook and pen, Fossil leather slouchy bag, Loungefly purse, Marc Jacob’s Daisy perfume, L’Occitane hand cream, Bourjois blusher pot

I don’t know how I’d get through the day without this little lot, but if I had to choose one thing I simply could not be without, it’d be the Bourjois pot. A brush with blusher after lunch is a ritual for me – it brightens up my face (usually greyed from a morning of heavy duty writing!), freshens my makeup and makes me feel alive again. I recommend these mini miracles to you all!

What do you lug around with you on a daily basis? Care to share your bag booty?


Vintage Vixen

I love your slouchy leather bag and that purse is just stunning.
Like you, I always carry blusher. Eyeliner, a hair band, woolly hat, some cash and a spare tote bag are also essentials!

pip a la chic

My partner thinks I carry so much crap but I tell him I need these things for “just in case” matters 🙂
I always carry my diary, mobile and my hayfever tablets.


Love the purse! and the notebook is so sweet!

I find the bigger my bag, the more I stuff in it. Just a shame I love huge bags!! 🙂 x


I always get told that I carry too much, but I find it hard to not take so much! Asprin, lip balm, money, cards, gloves, tissues, hand wash, etc.. Man my bag post is going to be huge!!
Emma 🙂


Gosh, you don’t want to know what’s inside my bag… I have the whole house with me. That’s why I love bringing huge bags.


How cute that you carry all these stuff with you all the time! My bags are always pretty empty, I just can’t bear all those weight on my shoulder!! So, I put only the bare essentials in them:)

Cafe Fashionista

Ooh, yay for a peek into your handbag! I have an obsession with nosing into people’s purses – so rude, I know!

I carry about six tubes of lipgloss in my bag – in addition to eyeliner, concealer, a comb, perfume – and that’s in my makeup bag alone! Then there is the Blackberry, my business cards, a pocket mirror, my wallet, a notebook – basically everything but the kitchen sink is in there! 🙂


Ahhh, so good to know your bag contents too now, Jen. I really love the smell of Daisy and the Occitane handcream (plus the foot cream) is part of my handcream collection, too.


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