Are You Style Secure?

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I’ve been writing A Little Bird Told Me for over two years now, and in that time my style has changed dramatically. That’s not really surprising – in two years, trends change, situations shift, taste develops. Looking at my outfit from this time last year and a December 2009 outfit, I can see I’m much better at dressing for my shape now, and my love for bow-shaped hair accessories has, thankfully, waned. Over the course of a lifetime, we’re bound to go through sartorial stages. But what about over the course of a month?

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Dress c/o Matalan, Zara faux fur gilet, ankle boots c/o Sarenza, ASOS necklace, Cambridge Satchel Company bag

When I put this outfit on, I was struck by how different it was to the things I’ve been wearing recently. And then, as I looked back through my last month of posts, I realised that all my outfits are at odds with each other. At the beginning of November I was punky in polka dot jeans, then quirky in satin and sequins, classic in monochrome stripes and last week, preppy in dark denim. If this were an American high school drama, I’d be in a different cliquΓ© every week.

This indecisive way of dressing could be described as creative, eclectic, experimental. But for me, it’s about style insecurity. I’m still not quite sure what my style is. Am I vintage and feminine? Laidback and cool? Fierce and fashion-forward? All three?

There are some bloggers who have their personal style nailed. Vicki pulls off girly vintage style with ease. Kristabel works simple separates. Paula is classically chic. There’s a real confidence in their clothing. In comparison, I’m still the 6 year-old rooting through her mum’s wardrobe. When it comes to style, I’m still trying it on.

What about you – are you Style Secure? Are you confident in your clothing, or are you (like me) still searching for ‘you’ in your wardrobe?



I’m just like you still searching for me in my wardrobe. I don’t even know to describe my style. Hopefully I’ll find my personal style someday.


I am definitely still like you. My style differs daily (assuming I have made the effort and I am not in my ‘lecture outfits’!) I quite like it though, the feeling you don’t have to fit in any category and just wear whatever you look good in… Maybe that is my new found category!

Anyway, as usual you look gorgeous! I love the dress with the gilet.

Best wishes,


I am a happy style charmeleon. Quite embarrassing really. I had to say what my style was earlier this year and at the time I was into the whole 40s/50s vibe so said that. People probably think I am a liar who check back now haha. Oh well x

My Stylish Teacher

I am very varied in my style too! Although I don’t this is necessarily a negative, as they say variety is the spice of life and if you’re happy, what’s wrong with that?!

For the record I love your style, and changing it up just makes your blog all the more interesting!



Oh what an interesting subject! I am definitely still trying different things out, and I like being different from one day to the next – even if it does make finding clothes that match on laundry day a nightmare!

Everyone always says ‘Oh the French, they’re so chic and stylish, oh the Italians, so sophisticated, oh the English…. so eccentric…’ but I kind of love that. Life is too short to only buy basics!

I do feel like I’m starting to get into my own style more as my blog has progressed, and I am a bit envious of those people who look perfectly on point every single day, but then I go into a shop and think ‘oooh I want to be that girl today’ and my resolution to buy one style goes out the window!


As soon as you stop worrying and focussing about hitting a certain look or style you’ll find what you’re comfortable in. It doesn’t matter if what you wear one day isn’t like what you wore the last day, what matters more is that you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing πŸ™‚


i think a girl who accessorizes with a sunshine yellow bag is anything but insecure! i think you have a different kind of confidence, the confidence to play with styles and do your own take on them. you’re a ‘genre spanner’ (extra love if you get where that reference is from). that’s how it comes across anyway!

dont change, your style is so much more interesting because of the diversity πŸ™‚ wish i had an ounce of your confidence and creative eye for outfits!


i look on the outfits i wore a year ago and cringe but i feel it has evolved and i am starting to find it now. If it helps you find yours i really like this outfit i love the photo with your hands in your pockets, you look really cool πŸ™‚ x

The Style Box

Ahhh! Love this post! I’m the least style secure person ever! Nothing matches in my wardrobe and I dress terribly! But I have fun doing it so I don’t mind.
I often wish I had my own ‘look’ but sometimes it’s nice to try out all the looks πŸ™‚


I have idea what my style is, I know what I would like it to be. Still trying to get the guts to make it a reality. Still in the stage of worrying what people think.
I think style is constantly evolving.



You have a really fluid and cool sense of style, I envy that. I don’t have much continuity with style at all so I’m not really sure. My style has developed drastically though! & that makes me happy.


I love the fact you mix it up wearing jeans (shock horror in the blog world!)but then some gorgeous sequins and I love the knitwear you sport.
Whilst some certain bloggers have a certain look, I’d say yours is more of a mixed bag, but textures and prints always feature which I love.


I think my style’s pretty constant (dresses, opaques, brogues, cardis, satchel) but then worry that I’m actually a bit boring and predictable! I’m branching out a bit with things like Chelsea boots this winter, but do have the fears that they make me have massive calves…

I love your yellow satchel. I snapped up a navy one in the Cambridge Satchel Co’s sale a few weeks back and even though it’s the 15″ one I can’t squeeze all my work junk into it. Roll on the holidays so I can use it properly!

Funny Little Frog

My initial reaction was yes I am style sucure, but having read on I’m similar to you my style does vary alot but I don’t think that will ever change, maybe we’re just greedy xxx


My clothing is a bit like my musical taste, it varies but I don’t worry about it. There’s no shame in liking a bit of everything. If I had to sum it up, I’m fairly colourful, very drawn to print and a bit of tailoring.

I definitely find my style changes when I cut my hair. I’ve just cut it from waist length to jaw length and I’m definitely dressing less girly and more funky because of it.


Really enjoyed this post, I’d never really thought about it before but my style changes quite a lot day-to-day too. Usually when I’m shopping I just pick up whatever I like the look of, rather than things that are “my style”. I wish I did have a specific style worked out, it would make getting dressed in the mornings a lot easier!
Loving the faux fur gilet as well!

Gillian x


what an interesting topic for debate.
i believe myself to be on par with you. knowing not ‘style’ your really part of.
i wouldn’t say i was ‘in’ or ‘out’ of fashion, like im neither ‘high’ or low ‘maintenance’.
like most im sure, i dress for the day occasion weather and mood.
im not an eccentric dresser but im not off the scale of fashion either.
my ‘style’ changes with my weight. after i lose a pound or two its a confidence boost and ill say ‘now you can try that on’.
its a day to day thing.


I don’t think there is anything wrong with this? I always seem to have a different style from day to day when it comes to my clothes.
But it seems to be my accessories that stand out and give me my style. For example I wear lots of studded or skull based jewelery.


What an interesting subject! I’d definitely say I’m still searching for ‘my style’ although I think I’m too indecisive to stick to one sort of look! x


what a great idea for a post jen. and thanks for the link and kind words. nothing wrong with experimenting, more fun i would say. but i would actually say that you do have your own style, it is eclectic but it still forms a style pattern.


Thanks for the mention! I guess I do appear to wear many separates (or items that appear to be separates) but I’m not sure if my style is that secure. I love to flit from looking slightly cutesy to slightly badass with varying degrees of success…I guess it all reflects my indecisive state of mind. Methinks it’ll iron itself out by the time I hit 30+!
From one brand to another…


Ugh I know what you mean, sometimes I’d love to dress all edgy in black and studs and some days I’m all about the twirly skirts! Loving your dress, can’t believe its Matalan! Your hair is pretty longer too πŸ™‚


I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot recently, too. It’s nice to go back to old blog posts and see how much I’ve grown sartorially, but at the same time, I’m not sure if I’ve really mastered a style that is uniquely my own. For a while, I worried that I wasn’t being unique, but I think I was being less unique 2-3 years ago when I was more or less following the trends or trying too hard not to [follow them].

At the end of the day, it just comes down to what you like to see yourself wearing, doesn’t it?


I love the colour of your dress and satchel.
I sometimes feel like my style is a bit all over the place…I just like clothes too much to stick to a particular “style”. I think I’ve got better since I started work as I have to dress smartly and I’m definitely better at knowing what suits my shape although I’ve had to ban myself from buying another skater dress otherwise that’ll be all I own! x

Xenia Rimmer.

I’m awful, I’ll buy something new, wear it obsessively for a few weeks and then hate it and banish it to the back of my wardrobe… Then the vicious circle starts again! x


This is a stunning outfit! And i can completely relate to not fitting in to a particulur ‘category’ with my style constantly changing. For example, i hate outfit repeating within a certain time constraint (for when i’m out at night) and usually by the time i feel it is ‘acceptable’ to wear the outfit again, i no longer like it!

Georgie <3


I’m forever changing up my style, one day I’m vintage, next day rocky, next day casual. I don’t consider it insecure because it just matches my mood on that specific day!


honey your style is amazing! So what you don’t have a consistent style. It doesn’t show insecurities but bold personalities that’s all incorporated within you! It would be boring to wear one kind of style all the time. I myself go from feminine vintage to hipster chic to grungy rocker. That is when I manage to come out of my amazing dalmatian onesie! xoxo


It’s such a day to day thing for me. I like to think I am a colourful person, but sometimes (usually on “fat days” or bad hair days or general not-in-love-with-my-appearance days) all I want to wear is all black. I still feel like I have a lot of filler in my closet & need to pull out the weeds.


I don’t think you need to settle on one ‘style’. I’ve always dabbled in different styles, but find that there are certain key ‘elements’ that are consistent, whatever look I’ve tried out.
I’ve just started my first office job, so have had to adapt my slightly quirky, rocky wardrobe to that enironment. Now, I’ve found a niche of quite simple, classic style, but I keep it ‘me’ with bright colour choices, and I always wear fabulous shoes. My shoes are actually my trademark in the office now.


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