Thrift Find of the Month – November

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I’ve noticed a pattern in my second hand shopping. In the summer, when the car boot sales are still going strong and waking up at 7am doesn’t involve stumbling about in the dark, I find more for my house than my wardrobe. The Second Hand Home Challenge thrived this summer as I picked up gilded mirrors, coffee tables and a decorative sewing machine.

The car boots have packed up for the year now though, so the focus of my finds has shifted back to fashion. Which, obviously, is fine by me! I’ve found some lovely things in my local charity shops over the last few weeks, but one piece definitely stands out…

Photobucket Photobucket

Gap sequin skirt via charity shop, blouse c/o Next, Michael Kors jacket, boots c/o StylistPick, Topshop necklace, Butler and Wilson ring c/o QVC

Are sequin skirts like buses? I’ve gone almost 26 years (argh, old) without owning one, and now I have two! Not that I’m complaining. This little beauty was just £3.99 from St Gemma’s Hospice – the loose, floaty shape is far more relaxed than my Zara pencil skirt version, making it perfect for daytime. Teamed with a simple shirt in tangerine (my new favourite colour), a classic leather jacket and wedge boots, it’s a grown-up look with just a little bit of sparkle to satisfy the Disney Princess in me.

Have you done any second hand shopping recently? What did you discover?



I love it, think I’m developing an obsession with all things sequinned recently! I never seem to find much in charity shops, I need to get better at looking! x


Stunning. Amazing that you found them from the charity shops..I will never find anything good in London. Come on in London?!? Knowing you had been at London, any advices?

Lush post xo


Absolutely spot on outfit Jen! You seem to be charmed when it comes to charity shop finds- for the life of me all I ever find is 5 seasons’ old Primark and bobbly M&S jumpers circa 1999.
I must make a trip to the fabled St Gemma’s soon!

xxx Maddie


Gorgeous, such a great find! I was very pleased with myself this weekend when I found an amazing Sisley silk shirt in Mary Portas’ Save the Children shop in Primrose Hill (which is an incredible charity shop, by the way – the best I’ve ever been to)…Pics on Take Courage coming soon! Doesn’t it feel so good to find a bargain? I think even if I won the lottery, I’d never stop rummaging through charity shop rails and car boots in the hopes of finding treasure!

Cat xxx


Absolutely gorgeous find….I’m loving a bit of sequined skirt action myself atm, well I aspire to it at the least!

The jacket and shirt stop it looking too girly or glitzy….as always like what you’ve done with the pieces you’ve got.


Lovely skirt, worn fabulously. Loving the splash of red.
Recent second-hand finds? Mmmm, there’s the 99p metallic leather pants I’m wearing on my blog today. x

Steph0188: StephanieDreams

Love this 🙂
Such a fab find! Looks amazing!
I love a good charity shop find, I think it’s easy to get carried away & think ‘what was I thinking’ the day after, I think I am getting there with it though x


That is the most tasteful sequinned item I have seen in a long time- very pretty! I do like your boots- they’re all sleek like a pair of lovely British blue cats that have just been groomed!


Um you can never have too many sequins, well maybe, I suppose if someone shouted “Seveeeennnnn” at you then you’ve stepped too far into the sparkly realm.
Gorgeous skirt Jen, and love the colour of the blouse against it.

Lulu B

WOW what a find! This is a brilliant charity shop by, you have a very good eye for spotting the goodies! Love the way you have styled this, its such a undique style love it xx :o)


Hi Jen, love the outfit. I was wondering whether you had announced the winners from the competition a few days ago?


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