Does a Change in Hair Mean a Change in Style?

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I recently had my hair cut. You may have heard. I’m now sporting a cute bob with blunt fringe – it’s a feminine, girly look, very different from my previous straight style and even further away from the pixie crop I had this time last year.

Since going for the chop, I’ve found myself drawn to cute tea dresses, vintage-style brogues and ballet pumps over the Disco Pants and sharp blazers I was wearing. Maybe it’s because I’ve watched two seasons of New Girl back to back, but my new hair makes me want to dress like Zooey Deschanel.

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Dress, Matalan | Sandals, Katie & Kelly | Belt, Target | Bag, Cambridge Satchel Company | Brooch, Stolen Thunder | Ring and bracelets, H&M | Watch, Michael Kors

I’ve had this Matalan floral dress for ages, but usually prefer to wear it with ankle boots, a leather jacket and a statement necklace. Today, with my cute crop, I went for a softer, sweeter look – a kitsch brooch, pink nails and pretty satchel. It’s not a huge leap, but it’s something slightly different and I like it.

What do you think – does your style change when your hair does?



You look so cute – I love this outfit!

This year I started dying blonde flashes into my hair (which are nicer than it sounds!). It’s quite a rockabilly style, and I’m wearing a lot more leopard print than I used to! x


It looks wonderful! I know exactly what you mean about haircut affecting your style. Last year I grew out a severe undercut into a bob very similar to yours (it’s only just reached a nice bob length) and suddenly ditched a lot of severe, dark shapes and bought more tea dresses and Peter Pan collars and changed my make-up. I felt I needed a more demure but equally fun look to match my new ‘do and I’ve stuck with both the hair and the clothes.

Blue Belle

Yes! A few years ago I cut my hair into a very short asymmetrical bob.. I hated it… and was going to a wedding a few weeks later and told my husband that I wasn’t going unless I bought a new outfit to suit my new hair.. nothing girlie would work, I needed chic & sleek.
I love your outfit today!
Sorry to get off track but I’ve just moved from the UK to the US (literally less than a week ago) struggling with the shops, any tips from your trip here? So far I’m radiating towards GAP and H & M, but I could have shopped there in the UK 🙂


Oooh, good question! I LOVED Target – it was a bit like Primark but better quality. They had some gorgeous accessories and their designer ranges are lovely. I also picked up some nice bits in Forever 21 – it’s much cheaper there than it is over here and the flagship stores are insane – so much stuff!

Other than that I didn’t do a lot of shopping as I was with my boyfriend… US thrift shops are amazing though, if you’re near a Goodwill definitely check it out! And if you’re in NYC (LUCKY!), Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn is fab.

Amazing news on your move – sure you’ll love it out there! I’d go in a second if I could 🙂 x

Blue Belle

We’re only here for 3 months!! Just long enough to restock the wardrobe before our move back to the fashion starved Australia 😉

Our suburban mall here is a little, hmmm…sad… But we have trips booked to Vegas and NY so the shops there are sure to be better.

I’m keen to check out an Outlet Mall at some stage as well.

Thanks for your reply 🙂


i’ve been styling my hair differently recently and it’s made me want to dress differently! your new hair looks fab and i love the dress!

Cheap Kicks

I want to ask which comes first, the change in style or the hair cut….but as you didn’t pick your hair style it doesn’t work. Either way I love the outfit, especially the dress xxx


Really cute outfit and love the hair! 🙂
I deffo think your style changes with your hair.. i think its possibly something your not maybe aware of at the time or straight away.. its possibly a confidence boost too, having a nice new hair cut. 🙂

Chloe Verde

that dress is so cute!!

when i cut my hair i felt the same, also, it opens so many more hat opportunities when you have a straight fringe.



I’ve never changed my hair so drastically that it warranted a change of style, but if Rihanna is anything to go by then it definitely prompts a bit of a different attitude towards fashion when you have a drastic style change. Although, to be fair, I always kind of want to dress like Zooey Deschanel! xoxo


I’ve said it many times before, but I would kill for this dress!

I think a hair change can make you change your taste in clothes, not always radically, but I find my hair colour especially (more than the cut) really dictates what suites me.


Love the ring! I think its still you to be honest, and fringes can be rocked up as well as cutesied which is what you tend tp combine xo


I love this outfit, the dress is beautiful. I find I would change my style as my hair changed too. I used to change my hair colour all the time, and each time I found myself wanting to wear different things 🙂 x
Sirens and Bells

Erika King

Ah, a girl after my own heart with a love of rose-gold, and more importantly H&M jewellery 🙂

Check out my blog where I am forever obsessing about all things rose-gold, and H&M jewellery (amongst other things lol).

I just discovered Zara’s accessories range today, with some stunning statement necklaces, at very reasonable prices – I am sure to be hooked. Check it out & see what you think….

ps. cute bob – I would opt for a bob myself but fear a ‘Crystal Tips’ do might occur!

Erika x


There has only been one season of New Girl. In the UK there was a gap between some of the episodes.


This dress IS very Jess from New Girl. I agree that a haircut can affect your style, I’d almost think of it as another accessory. You have to tailor it to match your outfit and style xoxo

Peacock's Hat

I find it strange now when I don’t wear something slightly retro since I got a blond streak put in my hair- it looks a bit random otherwise! I still haven’t managed to find a haircut that does the colour justice- I want something curly but my hair is so poker straight and doesn’t hold anything that its just in a bob right now. I think your hair is probably the most important fashion accessory you have- its can just be a bit difficult I think to find something that goes with all the different styles you want to wear!


The new hair looks great! I think styles can change depending on hair style but I would never rule out any types of clothes because of my hair style. But I do agree, that sort of feminine bob is perfect for cute tea dresses.

When I had a blunt fringe, I was drawn to a retro look. Now that I have a side-fringe and layers for volume I dress like a rocker again. It’s a sub-conscious thing.


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