Dressing Like Children For Grown Ups

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I wouldn’t usually describe my wardrobe as ‘nostalgic’. I do like vintage clothing but I stick to modern silhouettes and have a bit of a thing for trends. Plus, I grew up in the late 80s/90s – a time when fashion is definitely better best forgotten (if you can locate the Steps lyric in that sentence, award yourself 10 child-of-the-90s points).

But when I spotted the Primark car print skirt, I was instantly transported back to my childhood. The adorable sketchy print reminded me so much of this classic Milky Way advert, I just couldn’t leave it behind.

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Primark skirt, Uniqlo jumper, Topshop tights, vintage lizard skin belt via jumble sale, wooden necklace via charity shop, H&M ring, Emma Fox bag via TK Maxx, Clarks ‘Dollar Craze’ heels c/o Sarenza

I love the retro print and the cute pastel colours on this skirt – it’s feminine without being too girly while the sheer fabric and loose pleats bring it right up to date. And just to up the levels of nostalgia, I’m wearing Clarks shoes – also known as The Most Comfortable Heels In The World (TM). I haven’t bought from Clarks since I had my feet measured on their special machine aged 8 and came home with a pair of those Magic Steps shoes. Sadly I didn’t get to go on the measuring machine this time, but these amazing navy suede heels are impossibly comfortable and not at all old fashioned. Swoon!

I think the key to ‘nostalgic dressing’ (technical term) is to team retro pieces with more modern styles. The print on the skirt is very 60s, but paired with a simple jumper, statement necklace and big leather bag, it’s feels fresh. As long as Slipknot hoodies don’t make a comeback, I think we’ll be okay!

Do you have anything in your wardrobe that reminds you of years gone by?


Kirsty {a safe mooring}

How many child-of-the-90s points do I get for:

1) getting not only the Steps lyric but the entire Steps song stuck in my head;

2) getting the Millky Way advert song ALSO stuck in my head (that’s some weird mash-up);

3) correctly identifying the shoes with a key in the sole as Magic Steps *dreamy sigh*; and

4) confessing to buying my very own Clarks shoes just the other day?

By my calculations, that’s about elenty mllion points.

I have to say, I too was pleasantly surprised by the shoes on offer in Clarks right now. I bought the brogues on the basis of nearly 100% five-star reviews and am pleased to report they are crazy comfy without compromising at all on style.

Of course, they were still selling a few ugly clunkers, but overall – thumbs up.

simple sophie

“ugly clunkers” were the bain of my childhood! Never was I allowed to get the uncomfy pretty shoes with butterflies on that all my friends had.


I award you ONE MILLION child-of-the-90s points! Very good knowledge, especially on the Magic Key shoes – I could not remember the name and googling ‘shoes with keys in the sole’ was not much help! Going to add that in to my post now 🙂


ooh i love your car print skirt, cant believe its from primark…i will definitely be heading there tomorrow :)X


simple sophie

I seem to have a collection of t-shirts from various kids clubs I attended when we went on family holidays all those years ago. Horribly bright words like “Hotshots” and “Teenies” are printed on them so I can’t really find a use for them? The only time I’ve worn them is when I’m decorating, so I suppose my nostalgic dressing comes out whilst covered in a pot of Dulux duck egg?~ ox


Ha they have the same print on a top in Next and I totally thought Milky Way cars too! Oh and Steps rock 4ever… 🙂

Lucy Nation

I love this outfit – right up my street. I always wanted Clarks Magic Shoes but never got them. I can still remember the advert with the little girl trying them on in the shop:)


This outfit is beautiful! I have a bit of a love for all things twee, but at the same time I often feel I’m a little too old for it, so getting the balance right is tricky! I love your tip of pairing something childlike with something more modern – just the right amount of twee!


Yes! I feel this too. I’m definitely over the whole twee blogger thing and feel at 26 I need to look a bit more polished. I think this is a nice compromise 🙂


Lovely outfit! That skirt is great, I really want one of my own but I bet it will have sold out by the time I get myself to the nearest Primarni. Sigh.

Jo Prout

Yes, yes, yes! I own very few heels… actually, 2 pairs. My shoe wardrobe consists of lots of flat boots, skate shoes and ballerina pumps. But, out of all my footwear, my favourite pair are these: http://www.uk2cn.com/images/shopimages/autobahn.jpg
Bought in the sale, a few years ago, and still looking as good as new.
I’m 6ft, so rarely feel the need to wear heels. Give me a bog standard heel and I resemble bambi crossed with neolithic man. But these heels? These heels I could walk for miles in!


Love those Mary Janes! Very nice. I’m not very good in super high heels – loving Clarks at the moment!


Ooh i have the same car print on a top from primark & the first thing someone said about it on my blog was how it reminded them of the milky way advert! Great minds…. I also love love loved my magic key shoes 🙂 xxx


Great skirt and I remember the ad – loved it and Milky Ways!

The foot measuring machine in Clarks used to scare the bejeezus out of me… I used to imagine crushed feet. I think it’s put me off going in there as a adult – there I said it.

*goes off to get a grip*


It is a pretty blatant copy. At first I was a bit conflicted because I recently wrote about plagiarism in fashion (here if you’d like a look – http://bit.ly/AgE1IJ) but then figured Primark won’t be taking custom away from Prada, so thought it was okay! 🙂


I now have the Milky Way advert in my head. I’m also totally depressed with the memory that I wasn’t allowed the special shoes with the key in the bottom because my mum thought they weren’t sensible enough. She then gave into my younger sisters whining and let her have some! No fair!

P.S totally want the primark skirt!

Cheap Kicks

I saw this skirt in Primark and although I love the print, I’m not so keen on the colour (of the background anyway) and I just don’t think it would suit me, I think you’ve made it look fab and a slightly larger part of me wants it now! xxx

Caramel Latte Kiss

It’s time to let go, ‘cos baby you know, some things are better best forgotten!
Wise words, indeed, Steps, wise words.
I just discovered I still know the words to Better Best Forgotten. At my work’s Christmas, several of us learnt we still knew the dance routine to Tragedy. No wonder I can’t remember anything useful, all my memory space is taken up with 90s dance routines and song lyrics. How many 90s kids points do I get?


I bought the top with the car print. I wore it with a pink cardi to a first birthday party, trying to fit the kiddie tea party theme, but in retrospect it was too much.


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