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oversized red tartan scarf
I am aware the last two things you’ve seen on J for Jen are photos of me wearing a red tartan scarf. I’m not sorry though, because this tartan scarf is immense and I wear it daily.

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Jeans, Topshop | Jumper, c/o Barbour | Hat, Topshop | Scarf, Edinburgh | Boots, Zara

It’s not just the scarf – I’ve been wearing various versions of this outfit for the past couple of months… hence the lack of outfit posts. A combination of trying to save money, downsizing my wardrobe and being super busy means I often find myself at a total loss when it comes to clothes. And rather than spend an hour hopping about in my pants trying to decide whether to wear a dress or a skirt or a jumpsuit and what necklace goes with it and if flats without socks are appropriate for late-November, I just pull on my jeans and be done with it.

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All that may sound a bit ‘woe is me’, but I’m actually not too bothered about my current status as a basic. Wearing things you know suit you, look good on you and won’t cause the bus driver to say ‘blimey love, no one’ll miss you coming today!’ is an enjoyable experience.

how to wear a tartan scarf
If in doubt, throw on a hat and listen to ***Flawless. Guaranteed to make you feel fly.



Urgh, how do you make just jeans a jumper look so… chic?! I am, as they say, well jel. Also that scarf is pretty immense; can’t go wrong with tartan! It’s also the perfect length and width for a scarf, I’m not a fan of skinny ones, I don’t think they really do they’re job unless they’re about 10 metres long.

Looking good lass. Love reading your posts. Keep on blogging!


Haha, love your writing in this post! I’m constantly facing the struggle of to wear flats and go sockless. And every time I make the same mistake and end up with freezing feet! I think I need to take your advice. Great outfit! x


I’ve been so reliant on similar things myself! You can’t go wrong with black jeans and a statement scarf. You look effortlessly chic! 🙂 x


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