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If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed – due to the excessive photo spam – that I’ve just moved into a new house. Yes, we moved the week before Christmas. Clever us.

We are very happy though – earlier this year we tried to buy a place which sadly fell through, and since then we’ve been looking for another perfect home. I have a very distinct taste when it comes to houses, and when you’re spending such a huge amount I really don’t think you should settle. My stubbornness, combined with Rob’s very specific need for a cellar with power supply (he’s a drummer and it’s not the kind of instrument you can play quietly in the living room…) meant we’d had a long and fruitless search.

About a month ago, my obsession with Rightmove’s email alerts paid off when a beautiful house came on the market – our ideal street, within our price range, the perfect size, with cellar, original features, a fireplace AND a cat flap. Spot on… but to rent, not to buy.

We decided to go for it anyway and within a few hours we’d signed the contracts. Our plan is to rent for 6 months then see where we are on the buying scale. I still refuse to accept the notion that renting is dead money – a home is a home, no matter what kind of contract you have.

So, moving fell on the busiest weekend of the year, with a night out, a Christmas party and a family meal to slot in around loading the van and unpacking at the other end. But we did it, we’re in and the cats are already showing their displeasure at being uprooted by ignoring us entirely. Here are some sneak peeks of the little bits I’ve managed to get sorted over the last few days…

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Because we moved from our old place in mid-December and know we’ll be in a state of disarray until at least January, we decided to skip ‘proper’ Christmas decorations this year. Instead of my usual real tree, I bought this twinkly paper tree from John Lewis and decorated it with teeny baubles from Paperchase. I got a pom pom wreath from Paperchase for the fireplace and a real wreath from my local florist for the front door. Suitably Christmassy without the stress!

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Moving into a new living room means we finally have room for this beautiful wooden tripod lamp from Habitat at Argos, which was kindly sent to me about 6 months ago. I love Habitat lighting and the sage green shade looks great with our new (to us) grey sofa, donated by our amazing friend Nic!

I’ve gone a bit cushion crazy – I literally cannot stop buying them. The brilliant Custard Cream one is by Nikki McWilliams, the pheasant is from Next and the check is c/o (more on that and soon).

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My love for fireplaces is well-documented – we had a wood burning stove at our old place and I was slightly obsessed with it. The new house has a gas fire, but it’s encased in the most beautiful original surround. My real-fire snobbery was silenced as soon as I saw it.

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A few more finishing touches – my love of clutter and ‘stuff’ knows no bounds but I’m trying to keep things a bit clearer and chicer here at the new place. Who can resist a set of Santa matryoshka dolls, though?


Marianne Campbell

I think your attitude to house buying is spot on, why rush? after all it is the most expensive purchase you can make, and where you live has a massive impact on your wellbeing and happiness. I’m 30 and have not bought yet, I do feel that pressure that most do to get ‘on the ladder’ but I refuse to be rushed into such a massive decision. I’d rather wait until I feel ready and we have found the right place, rather than rush in and feel unprepared and settling for second best. Enjoy your new home and I hope your dream home pops up on the radar when the time is right!


It looks pretty perfect despite on just moving in, and that lamp! I’ve been lusting over myself.

You definitely have the right attitude; it’s a lot of money to spend, you want it to be right!

Hmm maybe…

Lily Lipstick

I definitely agree with holding out until you find the perfect place – its the most money you’ll ever spend on anything! I love your Christmas tree – real trees seem like far too much effort…x

Milly Youngman

I adore your fireplace (the whole house looks lovely, but I’m a huge fireplace fan too). Moving is definitely a huge decision – when I actually have enough to buy a place, I’ll definitely be quite fussy about it! x


Your house is beautiful. This is a busy time of year for a move, but you will start the New Year off in your new home and that is pretty awesome. I really love the fireplace.

Kelly G

Jen your place looks absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations to you both.
That Paperchase wreath is so lovely, and I love the wallpaper on the alcove.

Elena Lucie

You’re absolutely right to wait until you find the home you really want. We made the mistake of rushing into buying a house just because it had a few aspects that we wanted and it’s taken us nearly 3 years, lots of money and a LOT of brick dust to get it to a place where it feels like ours. I would much rather have waited until we’d found one we didn’t have to change because it’s been so stressful.
Your rented house looks beautiful though! Is there any chance of you being able to buy it from the landlord? Good luck in your search!
Elena xx
ps. Where oh where are your Santa matryoshka dolls from?! They’re so sweet.

Rebecca Jane

Its all so adorable.
Seriously in awe of people with such pretty quaint houses and decorations.
Congratulations on the move – i bet your looking forward to christmas 🙂



It looks beautiful! Your things just look so perfect in the house – made for them! Love the custard cream cushion as well, I think I need one!


It’s so lovely! I love that fire – I had a wood burner in a previous house and, though I miss the feature, I don’t miss having to clean and set the fire on a cold evening when coming home from work. That looks like the perfect compromise!

Good for you on waiting – it’s too much money to spend to not get it perfect. And if you’re clever, you can keep saving and find an even better place in the future. All the best for the New Year in your New Home!


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