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With the absence of my usual photographer (my lovely Mr), I decided to take a few close ups of the detail in today’s outfit. I’m really getting into the photography part of this blog and am thinking about taking a short course so I can learn more about the art of taking pictures. Fellow bloggers – how do you take your photos? Do you rope in a long-suffering snapper? Pull out a trusty tripod?

Now, I’m not one for keeping things to myself, so I’d like to share my latest obsession. My lovely friend Kel has just started getting her craft on and has opened the totally fab Silver Peacock. Her cute and kooky hair accessories make my heart melt and I can’t wait to see her upcoming peacock feather designs. Kel is a hairdresser herself so really knows her stuff when it comes to your crowning glory. You can also read her ramblings on her blog right here.

My favourites are these pretty pearlies…

Love that retro background, too!

Time to sign off for tonight, but just before I go – I only need 3 more followers to reach 100 and get my giveaway going, so any sneaky lurkers, please show your face by following! 🙂


Vintage Vixen

Oh, I do love your close-up pictures!
I usually take my own photos and I’ve got my eye on a bottle-top tripod(from Amazon)which apparently is very popular with fellow bloggers.


I feel famous!! hehe, thank you very much for the mention. I had a lightbulb moment today design wise so when I have some spare moments a few more designs will be added. 🙂

Love that necklace, and the floral top I can see a peck of…as for taking photos I use the 10sec timer, an outstretched arm or anyone close by.


I love your ring and your oxford too. Nice details shots here Jen.

If I don’t have anybody to take my pics, I use a tripod and put it in the self-timer mode.


Your close ups are pretty! I love the ring and the necklace:)

I mainly use a tripod when there are no one who can take pics for me. But sometimes when I’m lucky and my brother is in a good mood, he will help me snap some pics! I love photography and I love learning how to use my DSLR:P


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