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Wearing: Dorothy Perkins shirt, Topshop skirt, Primark brogues, Mango ring
On: Thursday 3rd February
For: Raising eyebrows

When I was 15, all my skirts were this length. Not officially – only after 3 rolls of the waistband. I’d leave the house all demure and studious in my school uniform, then roll up my skirt, pull out my ponytail and line my eyes when I got round the corner. I was never told off my blatant disregard of the no makeup, no skirts-above-the-knee rules either – I think the glasses trick people. You may think I’m an intelligent, sensible young lady but actually I’m a thigh-flashing rebel who’ll eat your son for breakfast (I’m not really. The first impression was correct).

This is the first time I’ve worn a skirt like this since that fashion rebellion 10 years ago. I think I like it – it balances out the loose shirt perfectly and it’s surprisingly comfortable – but I do feel younger in it. And actually, there’s something really nice about that.

Do you ever revisit styles from your past? Anyone rocking a floppy velvet hat or satin waistcoat?



Gorgeous look. I too was a fan of thigh skimming skirts, it’s probably the only thing my fiance has ever expressed a real dislike for in terms of the way I dress. Apparently he doesn’t want to share my lovely pins with anyone else! I tend to go for a more demure length and fuller silhouette these days.



Jen you really do have the legs to pull a short skirt off, believe me if I could I would. And the 15 year old Jen sounded pretty awesome x


I am increasingly loving short skirts. I think it’s cos I was such a fat teenager that I never had the chance to wear them so now I’m grabbing back my youth. I actually feel safer and more covered up in them than I do in shorts but I’ll wear either quite happily now. Such a nice feeling 🙂

The H&M £2.99 stretchy skirts are BRILLIANT by the way.

Pearl Westwood

Ah ha ha floppy velvet hat did you watch Blossom too!! I had a black one which I would pin differnt brooches too, how cool was I!!

I dont mind a mini so long as it is now paired with thick opaques! x

Em x

I think short skirts and dresses are ok with thick tights or leggings. I wouldn’t dare to bare otherwise! I love body con items with looser ones it really balances things out x


I’m totally revisiting the grunge look I used to sport when I was a teenager! I also tend to do my ladette student look from time to time – wide legged jeans “attitude” t-shirt and converse. Its good to mix it up!


haha, I know what you mean about the whole, on the way to school rolling skirt up, pulling my tie down a little. looked like a different person once I got to school!
Your blouse is a lovely colour 😀


Oh, I love this. The fabrics look so rich and luxurious. I don’t really revisit my old style because I was far from stylish back in the day!


lovely outfit! aren’t you 25 Jen? That is not too old to be wearing mini skirt, I’m 24 and been wearing them for years so you need to get your legs out more often!!! Must saw I never wore a velvet hat or satin waistcoat when I was younger but when I was in sixth form we all had jumpers made with our nicknames on the back and occasionally I still wear it. I suppose band tees still feature in my wardrobe now but I were them in a different way. When I was younger bands tees would be worn with baggy jeans and converse but now I’d wear them with a bodycon skirt and blazer

Bow Dream Nation xx


Hehe, I used to do the same thing with my school skirt!

The blouse is really pretty. The colour andfitting look perfect.

I had a plaid skirt at school, and I’ve recently just realised that plaid skirts aren’t so bad, so have just bought another one.


Ah, I bought that Toppers skirt too but ended up Ebaying it as I only wore it once. Your school memories made me smile. One of my colleagues told me today that in our company handbook it says that long hair should be tied back and make-up keep to a minimum! That made me feel v rebellious! xx


GOSH, I love this look! You’re right that the looseness on top balances out the skinny tight skirt – which looks cracking on you, by the way!


When I was in my teens I used to buy 50s fashions but got all conservative when I strated teaching. Now my own kids are all at school and I’m running my own business I have rediscovered my love of vintage and am definitely returning to those styles!Great blog Jen- keep it up! I echo the make do and mend ethic of the 30 day challenge.


haha your post made me laugh out loud, i too rolled my skirt up and layered on the make up for school but again the glasses were my disguise!! innocent people thought! lol! is ur skirt bodycon? ive wanted try one but im scared my butt will look massive! lol xo

Vintage Vixen

I was always in trouble at school, I went to a single sex grammar and wore a gym skirt instead of a regulation knee length horror and was always copped by the head for my neon Miners eyeshadow.
Your skirt and flat shoe combo is so like my 21st night out outfit 23 years ago it’s scary. xxx


When I was in high school I wore doc martens to school and my teacher told me they weren’t practical for school. Are there any shoes MORE practical than doc martens?!! The mind boggles.

Penny Dreadful

I always hated those floppy velvet hats, even when they were ‘in’. I used to wear knee high lace-up punk boots to school and because we had long skirts no-one seemed to notice. And I was such a girly swot anyway, no-one would have taken my tiny act of rebellion in the least bit seriously.

I’m back into short skirts too I have to say, mind you I am also loving the calf lengths! It is nice just to have a variety to choose from at the moment, isn’t it.


At my school we wore trousers, I would have looked very odd rolling those up!

As a kid I wore a lot of stripes, which I’ve returned to. I’m growing my hair long again too, that’s a return to childhood for me. At one point my hair was long enough to sit on!


Adore this outfit. The skirt is great, I love bodycon skirts with tights. I think they’re great & can dress them with almost anything.
The blouse is stunning too, LOVE the colour


i can’t really get on with anything too skin-clinging, i have a few tulip skirts which are a little shape-hugging, but couldn’t go any more towards “bodycon” than that..i have too little self-esteem when it comes to my shape..
i would love a velvet hat!


Love the colour of that shirt!

I don’t actually think your skirt looks that short? Maybe I’ve turned into a hussy.

And I did that too, with the skirt rolling, of course. I used to steal my brothers over-sizes long sleeved school shirts, roll up the sleeves, tuck my tie entirely in so it was just a knot, untuck my shirt and have maybe an inch of skirt hem peeking out underneath. Still a good look, haha!



You look fantastic. The skirt looks classy, despite being short. Short skirts are great, when you know how to dress them. If you’re not flashing boob all over the place or have loads of other flesh out, then legs ahoy. Sexy, but not slutty.

Tabitha B

Ha ha I’m rolling about laughing remembering my crushed velvet floppy hat complete with crushed velvet floppy rose that my mum made me!

Your legs are looking rather fantastic in that skirt 🙂

T x


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