How To Wear Doc Marten Boots

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My first outfit post of 2015! In the last few months I’ve really stepped back from daily outfit photos – I started to find the stress of creating a ‘blog-worthy’ outfit too much to deal with in a busy life. Maybe I’ll pick them back up when the weather is warmer and I’m not just wearing a daily rotation of black, navy and grey knitwear, but we’ll see.

I did, however, snap a few photos of today’s outfit, because I wanted to write about my DMs while in my current state of total infatuation. So here we go!

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Skirt, Zara | Jumper, Zara | Coat, ASOS | DMs, Schuh | Brooch, Oh Gosh Cindy | Ear cuff, Zara | Hat, ASOS

I generally stay away from chunky footwear – I have size 8 feet, so anything that adds extra inches is simply unnecessary. DMs have always been in the ‘no-go’ area of fashion – too big, too clunky, too much. And I’ve always had that underlying fear that I’m just not cool enough to pull them off.

But then snow came to Yorkshire. One trip out in my (blatant-fashion-accessory) wellies and a falling over later, and I decided I needed some practical boots. Not pointy toed suede Zaras or leather Chelseas with soles as smooth as an ice rink, but actual, proper, all-weather boots. So I went into Schuh and tried some on.

As soon as these shearling-lined, super-grippy baes were on my feet, they weren’t coming off. And not only because they’re actually really difficult to get off (so. many. laces). I bought my DMs about 3 weeks ago and I haven’t worn any other shoe since. There’s something really satisfying about stomping along in them – they take on the worst of Yorkshire’s weather with ease and they’re insanely comfortable. Tick, tick.

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how to wear DMs
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If, like me, you’re used to a more refined sort of shoe, DMs can take some getting used to. I tend to wear mine with black, grey, navy and denim to keep things classic without straying into 90s Alt Kid territory. Here are a few silhouettes I find work well:

– With leggings (Zara and Topshop do great thick ones) and an oversized knit
– With skinny jeans and a loose white shirt
– With a smock dress and tights
– With a leather skirt and jumper

My DMs have a shearling lining so they were really comfy from the start, although I know the classic boots take a bit of breaking in. I’m tempted to buy a maroon pair without the lining for the summer months – how cute would they look with floaty dresses and denim cut-offs? So Gwen Stefani circa 1998!



Very modern – they look really chic with the neutral colours you’re wearing Jen, which is not something I’d usually call DMs!


Jen, I love this look! I’ve been SO wanting to wear a pair of DR Martens for yonks now, but have steered clear for fear of looking like a 90’s throw back or worse, older than I am (I’m 35 so been there done that with 90’s grunge a long time ago), but this is anything but 90’s alt kid. I agree with Sam they look really chic! I will be trying a pair on at the weekend 🙂


I’ve been wanting DC Martens for ages now but I’m still not sure If I am ‘cool enough’ to pull them off. Moreover, at a size three shoe, I’m scared they will look like clown shoes!! I am determined to have some anyway! You style yours in a really great way!X


I have those boots in the tan colour – been worn for 3 winters and love them so comfortable and great for stomping about!! Unlike my stupidly expensive Dune boots the sole hasn’t got a mark on it – yeah for DM’s


The DMs look great on you! I own a pair but have kind of neglected them, since I feel like they can be a bit hard to pull off. They really are the best when it comes to protecting your feet from the elements, though 🙂

Katrina Sophia

Love them! I bought myself classic black ones few months ago and have worn them every day since that they are starting to stink. I am looking to buy more despite its pricey tag but I know they are worth it. I read somewhere that once you break in a DM it instantly becomes your best friend!


I feel ya’ with the size 8 feet. I find it so hard to pull off shoes without looking like Big Foot. They really suit you though!


I share your love of DMs Jen. I bought a turquoise coloured pair in November and they’ve barely left my feet since then. I wear them with leggings or tights and dress often too. I bought not the regular long so they broke in easily without pain.
Yours look great!! X


You look lovely here, very sleek! I love the sound of shearling lined ones too,say goodbye to cold feet!

Maria xxx


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