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Because I am naturally inquisitive (or incurably nosey, whatevs), I love reading blog posts about what people have been doing. Unfortunately my name doesn’t quite fit into the classic ‘What So-and-So Did’ formation (unlike two of my favourite bloggers, What Katie Does and What Olivia Did… damn them and their multiple syllable names!) but we shall soldier on with some Instagram shots of what I’ve been up to the past few weeks.

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1. A little while ago I was invited to an event at the Nails Inc Champagne Bar in Harvey Nichols Leeds. I ate sushi (which was rather difficult when having a manicure, but I digress) and a whoopie pie and had my nails painted with colours from the new Gossip Girl range. I chose Blair’s version – a deep teal background covered with a blue and green holographic overglaze (their words, not mind). I loved it – subtle with a hint of sparkle. Events at Harvey Nics are always excellent and I know I’m guaranteed a good time with Lucy and Elly around.

2. I’m not particularly familiar with Starbucks as I don’t drink tea or coffee (I know, quelle horreur), but after a stressful morning of work I went for a wander and ended up in a window seat with a hot chocolate and an apple fritter doughnut. As any freelancer will tell you, when you work for yourself there’s a tendency to keep going until you can go no more, so these afternoon breaks need to become a more regular thing.

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3. I wrote a whole post about this last week, but it’s quite an exciting thing so I think it deserves another mention. Seeing my bedroom door in Company Magazine was quite a thrill but so far, not ONE SINGLE PERSON I know in ‘real life’ has mentioned it. What are they all reading… books?!

4. Ask any copywriter for an example of great tone of voice and they’ll give you Innocent. I’ve followed this brand since I started my career and have used them in countless presentations on how to write good copy, so when they asked if I’d like to work with them I squealed. I designed the hat (and there’s a big version too) – but more on that tomorrow.

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5. Rob and I went to London at the beginning of last week. I love meeting up with London-based bloggers and seeing the city through the eyes of a local, and I always remember their recommendations for restaurants, events and things to do. Proper Londoner Kristabel took me to The Diner in Soho last time I was in town and I loved it, so Rob and I stopped by for breakfast one morning. Pancakes with bacon, eggs and maple syrup – seriously good.

6. I was in London just before the Versace for H&M launch and passed this outdoor promo on Regent Street. What could be more fitting for such an ostentatious brand than a giant, neon-lit, leopard print handbag? So Donatella.

7.                                                                                                    8.
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7. After seeing Ellie’s amazing Chanel-shaped bargain from Mary’s Living & Giving Shop in Primrose Hill, I went on the hunt for something similar. The shop is just beautiful – full of vintage furniture and cosy spaces to sit – but I came away empty handed. I did grab a pair of Beatrix Ong brogues with an £80 price tag but swiftly put them back when Rob gave me some major side eye. I guess £80 in a charity shop is a little steep…

8. Clearly I’ve developed a taste for the overpriced – I bought Ladurée macaroons (£12 for 6) and a ridiculous Christmas ornament from Liberty (£7). Okay, I admit it – I really just wanted the paper carrier bags.

9.                                                                                                    10.
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9. A proper London visit always requires a trip to the theatre, and as we stayed in Victoria we decided Wicked would be perfect (and easy). It was an amazing show with some brilliant songs but it was one of the longest I’ve seen. We left the Apollo Victoria at nearly 11pm with only gin and tonic and Haribo to fuel us… I don’t think the staff at Angus Steakhouse were happy to see us with only 20 minutes ’til closing.

10. The Natural History Museum is one of my absolute favourite places to visit – it has a serene, gentle atmosphere that’s perfect for dawdling about and marvelling at dinosaurs (although I take all that back if there’s a school trip attending). Right now there’s an ice rink and merry-go-round outside the museum – very festive, if extortionately expensive.

11.                                                                                                 12.
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11. Back in Leeds and with a Christmas ball to go to (I know, so early), I was on the hunt for a suitable party dress. I’m not usually one for the LBD (sorry Company…) but this sheer, spotty number caught my eye at the Mango press day a few weeks ago. Lovely Jenny from The Style PA styled this dress as part of a blogger challenge, and when I saw the results I bought it straight away. It’s probably the most flattering dress I’ve ever owned – I love it.

12. And finally, a gratuitous picture of a (fast growing) kitten. Back in September we picked up a teeny bundle of monochrome fluff and named him Travis. Now he’s nearly five months old and very, VERY naughty. But he keeps me company when I’m working from home and Rob and I are ridiculously besotted. Keep this to yourselves, but he even sleeps on the bed.

What have you been up to recently?

PS – If you’d like to see my Instagram feed (be warned – I’m a bit obsessed), you can find me by searching for jenholmes85.



Looks like one seriously good weekend! I’m definitely a coffee shop fan, although I’ve moved on a bit from Starbucks to Costa or moreover some of the independent ones that try to rival them….just as good but a hell of a lot cheaper!

I’m dying to go to two of the places you’ve been this weekend….spotted The Diner on another blog and have been wanting to go ever since….also am a major fan of Wicked but have yet to see it on stage so its next on my musical hit list!

All in all a great post and even greater pictures!


I love this post!
The food looks so yummy & Travis looks so cute!
Would love to see more of these kind of posts =)


A Pocket full of Dreams

Looks like one hell of a fun week! I’m off to London this weekend and just text the girls to convince them that the Diner is the place to go for brekkie – I love going out for breakfast! Thanks for sharing 🙂 X


Jen you should so do some more of these posts, I loved having a little peak into your life! I am not a stalker honest haha!


I love this post, I’m a nosey one too 🙂 If I didn’t think it would bore people I would do this too…ho hum!

P.S. I can’t remember if I’ve said it before or not, but I am LOVING your blog design, it’s exactly the minimalist style I am lusting after *sighs*



Love all of your pictures, I never knew you had Instagram, shall have to go an follow you now! Your little cat is so cute, love him!

Pip x

Eve Maria

Oh Jen, that kitten is so cute! Especially its pose! Our cats have always slept in our beds…should the choose to! Mostly they go out at night though.

Funny Little Frog

o thank god someone else who doesn’t like tea or coffee……the looks I get when I say I don’t like them or I’ve never been to a coffee shop you’d think I’d just striped off and run around naked! ha great post I love been nosey too xxx


Travis is a darling. The Versace carrier bag is delightfully tacky, I would have been disappointed if it had been anything less. x


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