Wearing the AW Trends #3 – Androgyny

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After my time at London Fashion Week and The Look Show, I came home with a notebook full of inspiration for my Autumn/Winter wardrobe. All this week I’ll be creating looks based on the AW11 trends, using pieces from my wardrobe and a few key purchases.


Aaaah, the androgyny trend. It rolls around every year and strikes fear into the heart of anyone over a size 12 and a B cup. The art of dressing like a boy while still looking like a girl is one I’ve always found impossible to pull off. My natural style is quite girly, so wearing mannish brogues, minimalist jewels and buttoned-up shirts is way out of my comfort zone. But, androgyny is a big trend for AW11 and no one ever said this blogging thing was easy…

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Trousers with braces c/a Republic, Primark blouse, Zara bag, Topshop pumps, Miss Selfridge ring

Okay, so maybe I cheated a little. I don’t think peachy pink sheer blouses with horseshoes on really fit into the androgynous trend. Forgive me. The trousers are surprisingly flattering, and wearing them with more feminine pieces like the blouse and pumps softens the look. I added a tough bag and a simple statement ring to fit with the minimalist look.

What do you think of today’s trend – will it be appearing in your wardrobe? Or do you prefer trend #1 – Animalism or #2 – Swinging Sixties?



that bag is lovely! don’t think i’ll be trying out the androgynous look, being on the bigger side of a size ten and kinda curvy! but you do suit it 🙂 xx

Farrah Abigaelle

I’m actually the opposite of you, I really like to dress in less girly clothing, I hate dresses, skirts are ok as long as they’re paired with nice stockings and a sweater. I’m sort of a tomboy so your outfit is perfect for me, maybe even with a button down shirt haha!
Farrah’s Muse


Those trousers are really nice. I’m a bit scared I’d end up just looking mannish if I tried the androgyny trend! You wear it well, the outfit looks great and the blouse and pumps help to make it look that bit more feminine. x


I really love skinny formal trousers I think they’re so flattering. You’re definitely rocking androgynous but gorgeous as far as I’m concerned.


ooh I love those trousers! I used to have a pair of huge wide leg trousers with braces from h&m when I was 14. I’d wear them with Doc Martins, it looks awesome.

Ginger Pickle

I think you pull off this look really well, it’s even inspired me to go for the Androgyny look, I never knew how I would do it but you have given me great ideas. Thanks 🙂

Jade x


I think the full-on androgynous look can be virtually impossible to pull off, even if you are the perfect height and figure for it. I much prefer a slightly different take on it, such as this one. The blouse and braces look great together.

Peacock's Hat

Oh my, I do love the blouse and braces combo. I know exactly what you mean about it being difficult to pull off if you are anything other than a stick! I’d love to do the buttoning to the neck thing but know it would make me look like a matron. I’d love to wear my braces more often but I always worry about the belly factor…


Jen, your style is so easy. I love your blog. It makes me believe that i can be stylish without having to wear those runway clothes that look good only on the skinny models. Thanks a bunch for posting.



As you very well pointed out, the androgynous look was not invented for women with a C cup as myself so I tend to stay away from it, although your take on it has given me a couple of ideas. Thank you!


Oh no you shouldn’t feel you have to dress in certain trends because you are a fashion blogger. I have been asked the question “do you follow trends” so many times and I always answer with “only if I like the trend”. I always think it is pretty obvious when someone is wearing something they are not comfortable in. You have great style, wear it your way 😉 x


Really like how you’ve done this look. I think you’re right – button up shirts and tailoring strikes fear into the hearts of any girl with boobs to worry about, but you’ve done a really good job here. Loving your work x


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