Vintage Shopping – That’s Just The Way it Goes

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Vintage Pringle jumper via jumble sale, vintage Levi’s shorts via eBay (and hacked up by me), Next blouse, vintage bag via charity shop, Primark brogues, Stolen Thunder brooch

I went to two jumble sales, a vintage fair and five charity shops and all I brought back was this lousy jumper!

A few Saturdays ago, I decided to hit up all my favourite second hand haunts in search of homeware for my Second Hand Home Challenge. Although I do actually rather love this vintage Pringle jumper, it was a bit disappointing to come away almost empty-handed after a full day of thrifting.

Sometimes that’s just the way it goes, though – one week you’ll walk into a charity shop and think the volunteers laid each piece out just for you, and other times you’ll consider a job lot of tarnished tea spoons, just so you can buy something.

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Aww what a shame :/ I hate when you go out with something specific in mind and then don’t find ANYTHING! On the bright side, your outfit is indeed lovely 🙂 xx


Jen, I absolutely adore this outfit! The jumper is such a gorgeous colour so well done for finding it! I hate it when you go round loads of different shops and don’t really come away with anything but then I think well I didn’t spend anything and that’s always a positive!! I really love the brooch, it’s perfect with that jumper and so if the collar from your shirt =)

Bow Dream Nation xx


I know exactly what you mean! I get paid on Friday so im going to have a rummage in the old charity shops but I bet I wont find anything! Always the way when you have monies!
Love the colour of the jumper!


i find that with the charity shops, there is so much stuff that you dont know what to buy and somtimes there is just naff all!..
i went to the flea market last week were i always get tons from and there was absolutely nothing there.. i was gutted because i havnt been for ages so was all excited and came back with zilch!
hey have you been looking on your local freecycle for things for your house ive had stacks of vintage things.. you should check it out


My kinda outfit! I actually really love how well the shorts fit, I can never find any that fit as good as they do.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]

Oh I can relate to that. It’s especially annoying when I have limited opportunities to visit vintage fairs/sales/charity shops – so if nothing shows up it’s madly annoying. Sometimes I wonder if I’m short changing people with my blog posts showing one item I’ve found (like my most recent – “here’s a vintage pincushion. Found by my 2 year old. Fin”) but to be honest with two kids it’s sometimes hard to get out and about to the venues I’d like to. I occasionally pop into a charity shop with my youngest, but it’s hardly fair to spend family weekends dragging them to bootsales at the crack of dawn (or to leave them with my husband while I go) so I’m wondering if I can actually deliver the stated aim of my blog!

Still, I must say your jumper is very you, so a good buy. We have pretty different approaches to fashion, but I like your achievement of a cohesive style – you always look good (and happy in what you wear). The Stolen Thunder brooch just finishes it off nicely.

Rach x

i lovee this outfit combo! it suits you so much, i may have to go on the hunt for dupes of every single item of clothing and re create for college! casual yet stylish 🙂 and youe brooch is adorable xx


I love the colour of this jumper! My dad has a load or Pringle jumpers from when he used to play golf but they are HUGE, I need to find a way to shrink them to fit! 🙂

Maria xxx

Vintage Vixen

Sod’s law! Mind you if we found something every time we visited it would take the fun away. There’s nothing that quite beats the rapid heartbeat and sweaty palmed feeling you get when, in my case, I find an original maxi or pair of platforms. That jumper’s fabulous on you. xxx


See, it feels like my second hand shop visits are ALWAYS like that! I think I just need to go more often to become a pro like you 😉


That jumper is lovely Jen, I know the feeling of coming away empty-handed though. But that’s what makes for the thrills when you do stumble upon a good selection of stuff. Patience and perseverance are my top tips for second-hand shopping xx


I love this, very This is England.
I suppose it’s quality over quantity in that case, the jumper looks fab on you.



A Pringle jumper is always a score, even if you have no luck finding anything else! I’m going through a very poor patch with charity shops recently too but hopefully our luck is on the turn.


I love the jumper and collar combo, though. I’m going through a very dry patch as far as charity shops go, I can’t wait for the one decent local car boot sale to start up again. I’ve got until June to wait!

A Cuppa Jo

This outfit looks great on you and I love the last picture. I’m building up for a day out round the charity shops and I love the anticipation of will you find something or won’t you! x


Shame you didn’t pick up a lot at the charity shops, but that does happen. It makes you appreciate the time you find gems so much more! Really love the jumper though. It’s a lovely colour.


The jumper is great – what a gorgeous colour!

I guess that’s the way thrifting goes sometimes. You can’t ask if they have it in another size, or reasearch what your favourite shops have in online first because it doesn’t work like that! It’s always a bit annoying to come back empty handed though!


i’m more hit than miss but i do have some quality treats, like my red and green wooly overshirt i’ve been wearing all the time. nice jump


this colour suits you so well! what a great find! I bet next time you go out, with no time to look, you’ll see all the best things! And I hope you choose the right option, which is to look anyway!!

Annah xx


I love love love your bag!!! And.. your fashion sense 🙂 Unfortunately here in Malta charity bazaars are really lousy 🙁 Many are those who don’t get the concept of bohemian and vintage style… However, we have some cool flea markets… I managed to find some great shoes and clothes for really cheap.. and they’re really cute!! You should visit Malta… my friends and I would be more than happy to show you around – it’ll be like a mini Jodie Kidd Fashion Avenue show gig… but much better :))


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