Sharp shooter

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Zara dress, Primark blazer, Primark belt, M&S tights, ASOS pixie boots

I really love this outfit. The dress is a classic wardrobe piece that I wear time and time again. Starting this blog has made me really think about what I’m putting on every morning – I don’t have a HUUUUUUGE collection of clothing, which means I often wear the same things again and again. The trick is learning how to make each outfit look fresh and new. Coloured tights have been my saviour, I’m building up a mighty fine collection that I can mix and match with different dresses.
This blazer was a summer purchase. It’s a fab, slouchy jersey material but has the tendency to swamp me and look a little… saggy. By belting it like this, I got a nice, sharp shape that looks pretty modern. And it makes my lovely floral dress look brand spanking new. Outfit win!

Ahoy sailor

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Matalan vest, H&M skirt, Primark cardigan, M&S tights, thrifted shoe boots, thrifted ring, thrifted necklace

Another day, another dollar. Or pound, as the case may be. Today’s outfit is a tried and tested favourite of mine – what’s not to love about stripes, red tights and flamingos? Nothing I tell you, absolutely nothing. I originally paired the flamingo vest with my new high waisted tulip skirt but felt too dressed up for work (and the skirt is quite tight and not particularly suitable for a day spent sitting at a desk!) so changed to my failsafe.

Hobby or addiction?

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I don’t want to add up how much this little lot cost me…
It’s a well known fact among my friends, family and workmates that I love nail varnish. I almost always have painted nails – it’s an instant happy boost. Painting your nails doesn’t make you feel too fat, too tall, big footed or uncool like clothes and shoes can on a bad day. Looking down at a brightly coloured perfect 10 (or 20, if I have bare feet!) is a great feeling.
This is only a small portion of my huge collection. These are my favourite shades and brands, and right now I’m rocking chocolate brown. I actually got rid of quite a few pots a few weeks ago, including a poorly advised pink glitter and a neon yellow that stained my nails through base coat.
So, my tip for a gloomy day is to give your nails a lick of paint. Not only will it cheer you up no end, but it gives you a great get out clause when it comes to housework. Happy painting!

Dressed down Fridays

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Truffle Shuffle tee, Gap jeans, ASOS pixie boots, New Look blazer, thrifted pearls

Aaah, Friday. I welcome you with open arms! I love Fridays because they’re so relaxed – everyone’s given up on the week and we’re all gearing up for the weekend.
I adore this pinstriped blazer. It’s an instant updater – I can sling it over anything and it just looks fresh. The jeans are classics from Gap, and the tee has been hanging around my wardrobe for a good few years. It’s such good quality, it always looks fab.
Mr and I are going for pizza now – happy weekend to you all! 🙂

Part time secretary

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Thrifted blouse, H&M skirt, Primark Cardigan, H&M tights, thrifted shoe boots

Interesting pose I’ve got going on here! This was a bit of a rushed photo, so my apologies for that.
My current style crush is Joan Holloway from Mad Men. I love her sunset orange hair, her figure hugging dresses and her general air of utter style confidence. My outfit today is a modern take on that pencil skirt, blouse and heels combination that worked so well for 50s secretaries. The skirt is my fail safe – it goes with everything, is comfortable and flattering and I j’adore it. The blouse was a fab eBay find, although I’ve seen very similar styles in H&M too. The booties are my latest eBay prize… I had to take flats with me though, as heels like these were not made for driving!