Preggo Updates – 30 Weeks

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30 weeks, you guys! We’re on the home, errr, stretch! Literally.

30 weeks pregnant blog post

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I don’t really have a lot to say this week – I’ve spent all of my waking hours working my little butt off, which hasn’t really left much time for anything else. I know Baby A can now see (whhaaaaat!!) and that her brain is developing rapidly, so I guess we’ve both been super busy this week.

Having a jam-packed work schedule has made me realise how easy it is to feel overwhelmed by things that, pre-pregnancy, would not have phased me at all. Taking on big projects and totally bossing them has been a feature of my career and usually I’d relish the challenge, but I’ve found it a pretty difficult feat at 7.5 months pregnant.

It all comes back to slowing things down a little, not taking on too much and looking after myself. Luckily I’ve only got three more days of work and then I’m on my HOLIDAYS! We booked this break to Croatia waaaaay back in June and I can’t quite believe it’s finally (almost) here. We’re going to an all-inclusive hotel, which is something I’ve never done before, but I am beyond excited to just lounge about in the sun and eat, basically. Hooray for holidays!

I’m having a private ‘wellbeing’ scan tomorrow morning and a midwife check-up on Tuesday, so (hopefully) I’ll have a double dose of reassurance that all is well before we head off. And I’ll have a fit to fly note from the midwife, my maternity notes packed and the hospital (20 mins away!) saved in my Google Maps, just in case.

I’ll be almost 33 weeks when we come back, which means there’ll be only 7 WEEKS to go! And let me tell you, I am beyond excited to meet this little lady. Every day that passes brings us closer to our daughter and that is the best feeling, ever.

Happy times!

Preggo Updates – 29 Weeks

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Hello to you, 29 weeks! I’m just a few days away from 30 and shit is most definitely getting real. So what’s been going on this week?

M&S maternity jeans

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Well, first things first – I’ve found the perfect maternity jeans. If you read my maternity clothing rant, you’ll remember jeans were a particular point of contention. But! While idly browsing M&S for nursing bras (so glam) I came across these and thought I’d give them a go. Turns out, they’re perfect! I think the fact they’re leggings rather than proper jeans makes them more comfortable, plus the higher, super-soft waistband means they don’t fall down. A triumph, I’d say.

I don’t want to say a pair of jeans has been the pregnancy highlight of my week, but really things are just ticking along nicely. Baby A is really active now – she feels like a bag of snakes in my belly. Which is good, of course! But also quite weird. We seem to be very in-sync, too – whenever I think I haven’t felt her move in a little while, she gives me a gentle nudge to let me know she’s still there, just chilling out. So lovely.

She also kicked Rob in the face this week, so that was fun!

Other items from the week: I went back to the midwife on Monday and she successfully extracted some blood from my pathetic veins, so I can tick that off my to do list. I’ve noticed a real shift in my centre of gravity so I’m getting clumsier by the day, and I definitely have a pronounced waddle now. Walking is still a slow process, especially in the heat, but I’m keeping active and feel much better for it. Slumping on the sofa seems to really hurt my groin (?!) so I’m finding it much more comfortable to sit more upright and go for regular walks.

In a final bit of news from 29 weeks, we have finally, almost, nearly, finished the nursery. Hurrah! It has taken us AGES, mostly because we’ve been super busy and haven’t really had the time, but also because we’re not very good at decorating.

I’ll do a full post when it’s all done but needless to say, completely repainting the room (including woodwork and ceiling) AND doing a mountain scene mural has been a massive task. But I’m so glad we persevered because it looks AMAZING. There’s a little sneaky peek on my Instagram Story if you’re interested.

And that was 29 weeks! 30 is fast-approaching – bring it on.

Preggo Updates – 28 Weeks

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Hi 28 weeks! What developments have you brought, I wonder?

28 weeks pregnant blog post

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… Well, not a lot tbh. Not that I can see or feel, anyway! Week 28 has absolutely flown by and I seriously can’t believe I’m only a week and a bit away from the big 30. That’s only 7 weeks from full-term and 10 weeks from the full 40! Remember when I was 14 weeks with a teeny little bump? Lol.

I had my 28w midwife appointment on Tuesday and all is well – Baby A is measuring spot on at 28cm (apparently a cm for every week is the perfect ratio), my wee is top notch and my blood pressure is the same as always. My actual blood is an unknown as after two attempts with the needle I almost fainted and had to tap out. I’m going back tomorrow for another go at it – think free-flowing thoughts, people!

North Yorkshire Moors scenery

This weekend we’ve been staying in a gorgeous cottage in the North Yorkshire Moors with our pals Matt and Lil and their 6-month old twin girls. The twins are absolutely brilliant babies – so smiley and giggly and full of chat. They’re also excellent practice for me and Rob, so we did a lot of eating one-handed and bouncing on laps and distracting with funny faces. It’s been a blast.

Body-wise, walking is still a bit of a struggle which is bumming me out a bit – I know I’ve been really lucky to have such a straightforward pregnancy and as long as Baby A is ok, it’s all good… but I really don’t want to be housebound! At the moment it’s only really a problem if I’ve overdone it – my hips seize up and my back aches and I’m just generally not very mobile. So it’s all about the slow and steady life for me.

Of course, I’m heading into three of the busiest weeks of my career possibly ever, we’ve got the nursery to decorate and a new kitchen fit to organise then we’re heading off to Croatia where I’d quite like to explore Dubrovnik and pretend I’m in Game of Thrones. Lol ok cool.

Trip to North Yorkshire Moors

Seriously though, I am listening to my body and letting it take the lead over my brain (which always, always wants to be out and about no matter how rough I’m feeling). I don’t believe pregnancy should involve wrapping yourself in cotton wool (unless medically prescribed!) but I do think many of us have a tendency to ‘just keep going’ when it’s really not what’s best for us.

If my body tells me to take it easy, I’m gonna try my best to do just that. And similarly, if I’m feeling good, I want to take advantage and keep active. I’m reading The Good Birth Companion by Nicole Croft which promotes the importance of listening to yourself, trusting your instincts and letting your ‘animalistic mind’ lead over your intellectual brain. It all sounds a bit ridiculous but it really does make sense to me – I’m so headstrong and don’t like to be held back by anything, not least achey hips. But I’m learning to listen to those aches and pains as signals that I need to take it steady, and I think by tuning out my million-mile-an-hour brain, I can do that more easily.

I’ve just started exploring this approach to pregnancy and think it’s something that could really help me right through to birth and beyond. I don’t like spiritual stuff and I’m happy to hand over to medical intervention if it’s needed, but I like the idea that my body knows what it’s doing and if I put my trust in it, it’ll see me through. If you have any recommendations for thinking/reading around this subject, let me know in the comments!

Preggo Updates – 27 Weeks

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Hello, third trimester! It’s very nice to, errr, be in you.

third trimester pregnancy clothing

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I know there are conflicting reports on when the third trimester starts – my preggo app says 27 weeks, What To Expect When You’re Expecting says 28 – but I’m 28 weeks tomorrow anyway so let’s just agree I’m in it now. YEAH!

It does feel quite weird to be this visibly pregnant. Like, it’s a proper, real thing. A baby is coming, you guys! Amazing. Baby A has become a real wriggler in the last week – her movements are more like prods, pokes and rolls rather than hard kicks now, which is apparently because she has less room to back up for a drop kick. She also does a lot of weird ‘shuddering’ type stuff which feels like sneezing but is probably not, because y’know – there’s no dust in my uterus. Right?!

topshop shirt dress pregnancy maternity

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For me, things have been getting a bit harder. My main form of exercise throughout pregnancy has been walking – I aim for 5,000 steps per day Mon-Fri and more at the weekend when we can get out properly. I walk all over the place and really enjoy it, but this week I’ve been feeling much more breathless and tired after a short (albeit hilly – thanks for that, Leeds) stroll. I’m hoping the warm weather is a factor and I’ll get some of my energy back as we move into autumn, but I’m also realistic that it’s only gonna get harder from now on!

We’ve been decorating the nursery this week and I am SO EXCITED to get it finished. I’m also horrendously impatient, so literally waiting for paint to dry is the worst. We’ve painted the walls and most of the woodwork, and hopefully we can get the mural done (yes! A mural!) before the weekend so it’s all ready for our furniture arriving next week. I’ve been stockpiling bits and pieces and have so many ideas for displaying everything… it sounds pretty superficial, but preparing the nursery is one of the things I’ve looked forward to the most and I just can’t wait to see it all finished and ready for Baby A’s arrival.

I’ve got my 28 week midwife appointment and whooping cough jab tomorrow – fingers crossed it’s top marks for us both!

Our Copenhagen Airbnb

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I’ve already written about our trip to Copenhagen, but I had to dedicate a full post to the apartment we stayed in – not only because I became totally and utterly obsessed with it, but because so many of you requested more details!

For our time in Copenhagen, we stayed in this house in the Vanløse area of the city. There were six of us and we needed four bedrooms in total plus we wanted plenty of room to hang out, so this beautiful place – with its four bedrooms, huge living space, amazing garden and close proximity to the metro – was perfect.

Vanløse is a very quiet, family-focused part of Copenhagen – the streets were so peaceful and everywhere felt calm. Despite the sleepy atmosphere, Vanløse was a great base from which to explore the city – the metro was super close and we had loads of shops on our doorstep for those essential early morning Danish pastries.

So, the space was great, the location was great – but the thing that really made this house stand out from the many Airbnb properties I’ve stayed in was the design.

I fell head-over-heels for the style, from the simple furniture to the clever storage solutions. I loved every room – the main living space was bright and airy with a beautiful stripped wooden floor, modern wood burner and amazing upright piano, while the two kids’ rooms provided endless inspiration for my nursery plans. And that bathroom… just, wow.

The kitchen had so much hidden storage space – so well concealed, in fact, that we didn’t find most of the cutlery till the last morning! And the garden was just beautiful, with a raised wooden deck, a cosy hammock and a huge gas grill for BBQing.

The thing about this house that really captured my imagination was the idea that everything has a place. It’s a popular concept in Scandi design – there’s no clutter, no excess, no faff. Less-than-beautiful things are streamlined into boxes and the items that remain on display are truly worthy of being seen – like the handmade rocking sheep (which went straight to the top of my wishlist), the quirky graphic print and the original Eames chair.

This simple approach to interiors is softened with chunky throws, knitted rugs and plants. So. Many. Plants!

I left Copenhagen with a newfound love for the city and a urgent need to remodel my entire house on the Scandi look I found in our Airbnb. I’ve stayed in lots of beautiful homes but this one will stick with me for a long time – its straightforward style really changed how I think about interior design, and I’m now looking at my own space with fresh eyes.

If you’re heading to Copenhagen, I couldn’t recommend this place more. And I’ll keep you updated on my own adventures in Scandi style!