How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

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I’ve just uploaded lots of pretty new pinkplectrum jewels for those of you with delectable taste (everyone, I presume). You can buy directly through my Big Cartel store – just like online shopping, with all of the security and none of the fuss. And because I’m feeling oh-so-generous, my beloved blog readers will get 15% off by entering LITTLEBIRD at the checkout. Enjoy.

PS – Yes, that’s Pride and Prejudice as a background. Favourite. Book. Ever.


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H&M skirt, Primark top, Zara cardigan, H&M tights, Primark brogues, handmade necklace, H&M belt

Right, that’s it – I’m officially obsessed with these brogues. I’ve worn them every day this week bar Thursday, and on Thursday I had withdrawal symptoms. I love them. They bring a vintage feel to every outfit. They click-clack when I walk. They have laces!! So fabulous.

I’m working the Victorian lady look today – a ruffle neck top, thick ribbed tights, sensible shoes and this gorgeous Victorian cabochon necklace I made yesterday. Unfortunately my camera has gone kaput so I can’t update pinkplectrum with any shiny new things until I get it sorted – hopefully tomorrow. If you would like to buy this particular blinging beauty, let me know in a comment and we’ll work it out.

Vintage peach and white cabochon charm with Victorian lady silhouette design, strung on a 20″ gold chain. Comes with chain extension if you like to wear it long (like me). £7 inc. P&P within the UK via Paypal.

Bon Anniversaire

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New Look dress, H&M cardigan, M&S tights, vintage shoes, thrifted ring, necklace, thrifted belt

So yesterday was Mr’s birthday, and we went out for Thai with his Mum and Sister. It was pouring with rain as we hustled into the tiny restaurant, all steamed up with people drying out. It was noisy, busy and delicious – the best kind of restaurant. The food was authentic, the chatter was frivolous and meaningful and the lovely staff dimmed the lights, banged the drum and sang the Thai version of Happy Birthday for him. It was a perfect evening and we rolled in late last night for more wine and The Sixth Sense on TV.

Now to the outfit – I bought this dress last Christmas and rarely wear it because the boning is really uncomfortable. I slipped it on last night and was delighted and slightly dismayed to find it was too big! Fab for my figure, but I really wanted to wear it. So, I popped a black vest underneath, a cardigan over the top and cinched it right in with this cute suede belt. Result! It stayed where it was supposed to (a dress slip when you’re sitting opposite the In-Law is surely a worst case scenario?) and the boning didn’t irritate, even after three courses of delectable Thai food.


Floral Friday (the 13th!)

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New Look vest, Primark polo neck, ASOS shorts, H&M tights, Primark brogues, thrifted necklace

I’m posting on a weekday afternoon – how novel! I’ve got the day off work as it’s Mr’s birthday, so we’ve been out to the shops (he bought a computer game, I lusted over… well, everything in Topshop) and for lunch and now we’re chilling at home before going out tonight.

I love having a day off during the week. You get so much done. What is it about working 9-5.30 (and never getting home before 7) that makes it so hard to have a life? My job is stressful and all-consuming (although I love what I do so much) and weekends seem to fly by in a flurry of cleaning, washing and supermarket shopping. Sigh.

Anyway. I’m settling down to make some jewellery… When I was at uni, my handmade jewellery was a part time job. I work under the name pinkplectrum and usually just make things for friends and family these days. However, with Christmas looming and my usual lack of organisation and cold hard cash, I’m hitting the charms once again and creating some of my special, one off pieces. I’ll post a blog about it later, but in the meantime you can check out my website and let me know what you think.

Ciao bella!


A £5 dress…

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Primark dress, Primark polo neck, Accessorize tights, Primark shoes, H&M belt, thrifted ring

Most of my clothes comes from the high street, and for some that means I surely can’t be truly stylish. Lots of industry experts believe style comes from designer labels, vintage finds and good breeding. But I think the recent surge of ‘everyday people’ blogging about ‘everyday fashion’ has created a new kind of style – style that doesn’t name drop or look down its nose.

I think style is something you’re born with, and it manifests itself in all kinds of ways. A perfectly tousled hair cut, flawless eyeliner or a set of colour pop nails say ‘hello, I’ve got style!’ much more than a Mulberry handbag and a copy of Vogue.

I so don’t believe in that age old cliche celebs rattle out time and time again – “I mix high street with designer”. It’s right up there with “I eat healthily” and “I did not sleep with that woman”. If you’re truly stylish, you can rock a completely high street look and everyone will be asking who designed it.